Exciting new video shows Ingenuity Helicopter’s record-breaking flight over Mars

Put your hat on as the Mars Helicopter takes us over the red planet again.NASA releases new footage of Ingenuity helicopter’s 25th flight, revealing micro rotorcraft Longest and fastest tour However.

April 18, NASA’s Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Traveled 2,310 feet (704 meters) at 12 mph per hour (5.5 meters per second). A video of the flight was released on Friday, as a team Currently preparing a 29th Mars flight.

“During our record-breaking flight, Ingenuity’s downward-looking navigation camera gave us the awe-inspiring sensation of gliding 33 feet above the surface of Mars at 12 miles per hour,” NASA Teddy Tzanetos, head of the Jet’s Ingenuity team at the Southern California Propulsion Laboratory, said in a report. statement.

The video is really cool. It started flying about a second after Ingenuity had left the Martian surface.Once at a height of 33 feet (10 meters)the helicopter starts to fly southwest. Its shadow darted across the Martian ground, seemingly with bold determination.

Ingenuity rapidly accelerates to maximum speed within three seconds of flight.The seemingly frantic picture actually accelerated by about five times. normal speed, reducing the flight time of 161.3 seconds to less than 35 seconds.

granular video still Let’s marvel at the desert-like terrain of Mars, starting with smooth sandy ripples, then getting more bumpy halfway through the shot, before smoothing out again and giving Ingenuity a safe landing spot.

The helicopter’s downward-facing black-and-white camera was designed to cut-off when the rotorcraft is within 3 feet (1 meter) of the surface, to avoid getting dust lodged in the navigation system.

Ingenuity may have started off as a sidekick to the Perseverance LuoVersion, but this little helicopter has proven itself time and time again. April 19, 2021 Ingenuity becomes first powered aircraft take off from the surface of another planet.This 19-inch-tall (48 cm), 4-pound (1.8 kg) helicopter is designed to test new ways of exploring aliens world, it Recorded 28 flights over Mars, far exceeding all expectations – the original mission plan was only for five flights.

Although recently communication problems Between Ingenuity and its six rounds rover companionThis helicopter was recently drafted to help Perseverance Fly overhead to determine the best route when exploring Mars the entire planet.

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