Ex-Reagan Official Says She Nearly Had A Stroke Listening to Tucker Carlson

As for Carlson, Chavez said his comments nearly gave her a stroke.

“He started essentially apologizing for Vladimir Putin, which he does almost every night on his show,” said Chavez. “I got so angry. If Tucker Carlson had been in striking distance, I would have pummeled him.”

Chavez, a senior fellow at the National Immigration Forum who left the Republican Party in 2020 to become an independent because of the rigged election liesalso blasted Fox News for fear-mongering in a bid keep the US from providing any further help to Ukraine.

“In addition to bashing NATO and acting as if NATO is somehow a threat to world peace, is that they are also trying to scare their listeners into thinking that if we do anything more ― including providing the S-300s, providing the drone switchblades, providing airplanes, or God forbid, actually setting up a no-fly zone ― that Vladimir Putin is going to launch a nuclear attack. And that it’s going to be justified, essentially,” she said.

And it’s working. Chavez said her brother-in-law, who watches Carlson religiously, is considering fleeing to Mexico to avoid a potential strike.

“The Russian state agencies are actually saying, ‘Use Tucker Carlson on Russian networks. Use him as much as you can.’ There was a leaked memo about trying to use clips from Tucker Carlson to let the Russian people know that Americans know how dangerous this is,’” Chavez said.

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