Everything you need to remember ahead of Westworld season 4

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If there is anything you need to remember west world In season three, it was Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) who died. Really, at least according to co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan, who made it clear that Dolores, the one we’ve been following since season one, is gone because Selack (Vincent Cassell) is looking for Sublime’s At the critical moment, her thoughts were erased, also known as Transcendence Valley. But her sacrifice is not in vain, as she manages to inspire Caleb (Aaron Paul) to destroy the world-controlling supercomputers Rehoboam and Maeve (Sandy Way Newton) to betray Serac and hope to lead a common revolution for humanity and the host. Of course, Evan Rachel Wood is still a big part of the series – supposedly playing a new character named Christina, who appears to be a writer living in a big city – and there’s also some Dolores Surrounding the replicas of his own running that he made, including the one in Lawrence (Clifton Collins Jr.) and the degenerate, human-hating one in Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) (but more on that later). more about her). Given how well Dolores is planning ahead, it’s anyone’s guess whether she’s really gone for good.

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