Even without fans, free throw pressure can lead to the best turnovers

Tokyo (Associated Press)-Even if it is the most prolific scorer, such as the Dutch forward, what is a free throw? Vivienne Midmar, Can the ball not make it into the net?

A blunt curse is she Within minutes of losing to the United States in the quarter-finals of the Olympic Games on Friday, the initial painful reaction was painful.

“Honestly, I am very guilty,” Midmar Say, gather she Despite scoring 10 goals in this year’s Olympic football game, there are still ideas. “It didn’t help me in any way. It didn’t help the team. We went out.”

It’s not the penalty saved in the penalty shootout that is reflecting on. This is the one that goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher stopped in regular time.Why not Midmar, The best scorer in the Olympics, take it? Instead, the penalty responsibility was postponed to Lieke Martens.

“I should accept a penalty in the game,” Midmar Say. “I should stick to my plan and start from there. But this is life. This is football, I just need to move on.”

After losing to Japan in a penalty shoot-out in the 2011 Women’s World Cup final, the Americans were ignorant of penalty losses after the Americans were eliminated by Sweden at the 2016 Olympics.

“This is a cruel way to end the game,” said Captain America Megan Rapinoe. “It’s bad to miss one. It’s bad to be in a failed ending.”

This time the Americans did not lose the game because Rapino converted a decisive penalty to lock in the 4-2 game against the Netherlands and played in the semi-finals with Canada in Kashima on Monday.

“No, reveal my secrets?” Rapinoe joked when asked about her strategy. “No, I just try to stay calm. I always say to myself,’The worst case is that you will lose everything.'”

The star who starts the game on the bench is calm when the most important thing.

“I just want to go out,” she said, “do my daily routine and stay confident.”

Rapine was placed in the position to win the game by Naeher. He made a decisive save on Martens’ attempt in the game and then added two more stops in the penalty shootout.

“You just want to stay in the present,” Naich said. “Focus on the ball. Take a few deep breaths and let instinct take over.”

Penalties were an early addition to the rules of football. Under the proposal of Northern Ireland goalkeeper William McLum, penalties for violations in the penalty area began in 1891. It was not until 1970 that the concept of penalty kicks was used to determine the outcome of the draw, replacing the draw system.

In the past 60 years, gun battles have remained largely unaffected, except for the mixed punishment order trial that was abandoned four years ago. But the revival of the 35-yard break penalty shootout used in American football in the late 1990s is often proposed to end the intensity of the current confrontation.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, what changed the shooting environment last year was the empty stadium.So one thing Midmar Don’t have to fight, before stepping up and owning she Penalty save, any noisy crowd in Yokohama.

“Not all the fans will bring some pressure,” said Ross Laville, who made his first U.S. penalty kick afterwards. MidmarMiss. “But it’s kind of weird. I think we obviously have practiced for those moments, everyone worked very hard. Alyssa was incredible and made some amazing saves.”

The quarter-finals between Brazil and Canada also entered a penalty shootout. Goalkeeper Stephanie Rabe blocked Rafael’s attempt, and the Canadian team led 4-3 after a scoreless draw.

The race takes place in Rifu-a distance of approximately 400 kilometers (250 miles) Tokyo And its state of emergency-allows a small group of people. Canadians are excited by the fans waving flags around them.

“That little energy can help push the team beyond the top,” Rabe said.

Rapino said she would prefer to kick a penalty in front of a crowded field instead of Yokohama’s 70,000 empty seats.

“This is more interesting. When there is only the cameraman behind us, the entertainment value will be greatly reduced,” she said. “So it’s definitely not that interesting, but it’s just like that.”

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