Evan De Kane denies he gambled after his wife claimed

San Jose Sharks forward Evand Kane Denied claim his His wife, Anna, said he has a gambling addiction, and posted to Twitter on Sunday.

Kane’s wife posted a series of posts on her Instagram account, accusing Kane of “throwing games to win money.” In response, Kane wrote that he “never gambled/bet in a Shark game, never gambled/bet in any of my games, and never participated in a hockey game.”

Kane wrote: “The fact is that I personally played the best season of my career last year, and it was also the most stable season of my entire season. I am proud of it.” “I like hockey games, forever. I will not do anything that is accused. I look forward to fully cooperating with the league’s investigation, clearing my name, and looking forward to this upcoming season.”

In response to the allegations made by Kane’s wife, the NHL announced that it will conduct a full investigation of the matter and pointed out that “the integrity of our game is of utmost importance and the league takes these allegations very seriously.”

In January, Kane filed for bankruptcy and found himself in debt more than $26 million. Kane signed a seven-year contract worth US$49 million in 2018.

Anna Kane also claimed that her husband had been neglecting the needs of the family.

Anna Kane wrote: “You have enough money to party in Europe, live in a hotel, and eat dinner every night, but I can’t afford my daughter’s formula milk powder. You force me to sell my wedding ring to Make money to make a living. You have parties every night, never call your daughter, or even ask me how I am doing alone.”

But in response, Evand Kane Write his Wives have “mental problems” and use their daughter as a bargaining chip.

“I love my daughter,” Kane Write. “I will and always take care of my daughter in every possible way. I have always been sure she Mom has everything sheNeed to wait. I try to alleviate our divorce problem and keep as civil and calm as possible in this situation.I try to set up FaceTime call and access she.

“I have made some FaceTime calls, but not every day is as I want because of restrictions she Mother. she Refuse me to see she Unfortunately, I tried to use my daughter as a bargaining chip. There is no doubt that I will continue to take care of my family. I would encourage people to realize that if someone does not hesitate to use lies to harm someone’s career, then he is a mentally abnormal person. I hope this is the last time I have publicly addressed any further misrepresentation of me as a father. “

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