Europe sees the chaos of COVID-19 in the new lockdown

A senior official said on Monday that as Europe scrambles to contain another wave of coronavirus at the beginning of the new crown epidemic, Germans will “vaccinate, cure or die” at the end of winter. Christmas The season triggered a series of restrictive and noisy protests.

Starting from Monday, Austrians were told to stay at home for 10 days, but could not go to work or school, or to buy groceries or exercise, which prompted thousands of people to protest on the streets of Vienna. Similar protests against COVID-19 rules broke out in Belgium and the Netherlands over the weekend.

According to Agence France-Presse, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte described the protests as “idiotic” “pure violence”, and Belgian leader Alexander De Kro said similar protests by 35,000 people in Brussels were “absolutely unacceptable.”

In Germany, the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that the number of infections doubled every 12 days in a “very dramatic situation”, prompting a senior health official to issue a terrible warning.

German Health Minister Jens Spann said: “Maybe by the end of this winter, as sometimes cynical saying, almost everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured or dying.”

As the weather gets cold and people huddled indoors, creating opportunities for the virus to spread, officials blamed the low vaccination rates in their respective countries’ pockets.

In Germany, the vaccination rate in eastern regions such as Saxony lags behind, where cultural sites, restaurants, bars and Christmas According to Deutsche Welle media reports, the market will be closed for three weeks.

Some people see the wave in Europe as a warning to the United States, where cases in the United States climbed to more than 90,000 cases a day after falling to a low of 70,000 at the end of October. The number of hospitalizations has exceeded 50,000.

So far, federal and state officials have not proposed new lockdown measures, but they beg the unvaccinated people to come forward and give vaccinated people a booster.

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