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On the day before the fourth Bitcoin Cash anniversary, the Smart Bitcoin Cash team (Smartbch) announced that the project has launched three nodes as genesis validators. Smartbch revealed that, Viabtc, and Matrixport are all involved, and the project has officially started the voting period.

Smartbch launches the creation validator of Smart Chain

For a long time, Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin cash) The community has been patiently waiting for development Smartbch projectThe reason for this is because Smartbch can unleash the huge potential between the two Ethereum (ETH) And Bitcoin Cash.

The protocol can support the decentralized finance (defi) of Bitcoin Cash and is compatible with the second largest crypto asset by market value. news first Report In the first week of April at Smartbch and Be interviewed 15 days later, the lead developer of the project.

By the end of the month, Smartbch Start the testnet Publicly, this enables developers and decentralized application manufacturers to use high-performance, EVM-compatible Bitcoin Cash sidechains for experimentation and development. Now Smartbch has now started its engine, and three of the nodes have acted as genesis validators.

Three of them smart card The nodes are operated by Viabtc, Matrixport and “Smartbch is now in its first voting period,” the project’s announcement explained. “More validators will be selected by SHA256 miners and will take responsibility in the future.”

“It took us two months longer than originally estimated to complete the data structure of MoeingADS and implement it. SEP101, SEP206, and Transaction reordering To Smartbch,” the Smartbch development team added.

“MoeingADS is the underlying storage engine of the state of the world, and it is difficult to change in a hard fork,” said the Smartbch developer. “Ethereum’s underlying storage engine MPT has never modified its data structure since the beginning. MoeingADS is now powerful enough to support 51K TPS And it can support Smartbch’s years of growth without changing its main data structure. “

Focus on safe cross-chain bridge

The Smartbch team stated that the project will require a lot of time to make the agreement robust. In the past few weeks, developers have noticed that many defi projects have been attacked due to cross-chain bridging vulnerabilities.

This smart card The team aims to strengthen the cross-chain gateway of the Bitcoin Cash side chain, making it very safe and powerful. The Smartbch team stated: “It will put safety as the top priority and will be reviewed by the community.”

“This release is a solid step in Smartbch’s long journey,” the creator of the project concluded. “We invite all people from Bitcoin cash The community uses it and helps it grow.We will provide some guidelines soon Bitcoin cash Holders can try and transfer a limited number of coins across the chain through the current simple gateway. “

What do you think of Smartbch’s launch of three nodes for the creation validator and its focus on cross-chain bridges? Please tell us your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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