ESPN+ will provide 4,300 hours of PGA Tour Live golf broadcast

Golf already Flourish During the pandemic, as people look for outdoor activities that distance themselves from society, this has expanded to interest In golf on TV. There will be more things to watch in 2022, as ESPN+ announced that it will provide 4,300 hours of golf coverage in 35 games as part of it PGA Tour Live Trading. American viewers will also pay less to access the service.

In the past, we have seen “Selected Groups” and “Selected Holes” in the PGA Tour live broadcast. However, next year, ESPN+ will provide four concurrent feeds, adding a “Marquee Group” that contains the most interesting players. It also introduces a “main feed”, similar to a traditional broadcast, which contains the best content from all cameras around the stadium.

ESPN+ said that as part of its new commitment to the tour, the PGA Tour live production staff will increase from 85 to 210. Each feed has presenters and live analysts, including Stuart Appleby, Christina Kim, Chantel McCabe and Mark Immelman.

PGA Tour Live was first launched as a free service on, and recently it is available for free On twitter During the selection of the broadcast. Now, you need to pay $6.99 per month for ESPN+, or buy it in the Disney Bundle that includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ at a price of $13.99 per month (ESPN+ is only available in the U.S.). This is not a small amount, but PGA Tour Live currently charges $9.99 per month on NBC Sports Gold, and ESPN+ provides live coverage of sports other than golf (football, MLB baseball, NHL hockey, MMA, etc.).

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