Emirati general accused of torture elected president of Interpol | News

Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi, accused of torture, will play a mainly ceremonial role during his four-year term.

An UAE general Accused of torture has been elected president of Interpol, the global police agency said, despite expressions of concern from human rights organisations and members of the European Parliament.

“Mr Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi of the United Arab Emirates has been elected to the post of President (4-yr term),” Interpol said on Twitter on Thursday.

General RaisiThe head of the UAE’s security forces will assume a mainly ceremonial and voluntary role.

The Secretary-General of Interpol is responsible for the daily management of the Lyon Organization. The current Secretary-General Jurgen Stoker received his second five-year term in 2019.

In recent months, France and Turkey have filed “torture” complaints against UAE generals, and Turkey will host the Interpol Conference in Istanbul this week.

The appointment was made after the UAE provided generous funding to police agencies and accused Abu Dhabi of abusing the Interpol’s so-called “red wanted” system against wanted suspects to persecute political dissidents.

Three members of the European Parliament sent a letter to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Lein on November 11, warning of the impact of the general’s appointment on Interpol.

“The election of General Al Raisi would undermine the mission and reputation of Interpol and severely affect the ability of the organisation to carry out its mission effectively,” they wrote.

In October 2020, 19 NGOs including Human Rights Watch, Express concern Regarding the possible options for al-Raisi, they described it as “part of a security agency that continues to systematically target peace critics.”

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