Elon Musk wants to “remove” electric car subsidies from the BBB bill

Elon Musk smiled in front of the floor of one of his battery factories.

When subsidies come.
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fifth Element Role player Elon Musk Hope the government knocks it down on the whole attempt to pass climate legislation. His objections to the “Rebuild Better Act”? This includes subsidies for electric vehicles. Therefore, Musk continues the long tradition of “pull the ladder” in “business”.

Musk’s comment comes from Wall Street Journal CEO Summit When asked about the “Rebuild Better Act” by Joanna Stern, a reporter from The Wall Street Journal.She made a hypothesis. President Joe Biden called Musk and asked what he wanted in the legislation passed by the House of Representatives. But it is currently being adjusted in the Senate.

“Frankly, no one at Tesla mentioned whether they care about this bill. … We didn’t think about it at all, really,” he said, then said that he had actually considered the bill. “It might be better if the bill is not passed. The federal budget deficit is crazy.”

If you are a big businessman like Musk, it is not good to run at a loss. (Although it is strange that even though his wealth has exploded, his company has been unprofitable. This is interesting.) But for the federal government that can actually print money, the deficit is just a villain. Politicians and people who want to influence politicians It can be messy.The government’s balance sheet is approximately More than just in and out.

Musk continued to call the bill’s subsidies for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure “unnecessary.”

“Do we need support for gas stations?” he rhetorically asked. (Also for the record, The government heavily subsidizes natural gas, Direct and indirect. ) “We don’t have one. So there is no need to support the charging network. I will delete it. Delete. I mean cancel all subsidies.”

So either Musk has not considered this bill and is talking nonsense, or he thinks a lot of Regarding this bill, judging from its voice, it is insomnia due to it. The technology CEO relies on government contracts and subsidies for all of his business. Space Exploration Technology Company?government contract with subsidy. Tesla?Government subsidies and loan. Sun City?Dear ones subsidy. A sort of 2015 Los Angeles Times Deep Dive It is estimated that Musk received $4.9 billion in government subsidies, and since then, this number will almost certainly rise.

Let us make it clear: There is nothing wrong with subsidies! Supporting industry is a means of economic growth, preferably in sectors of the economy that are beneficial to mankind and the planet. In the case of electrified transportation, check multiple boxes. We like good carbon reduction subsidies!

Sadly for Musk, it’s too late to “remove” charging infrastructure subsidies, them Yes Included in the bipartisan infrastructure bill Has been signed into law. For electric vehicles, Build Back Better provides buyers with a rebate of US$7,500, and if the vehicle is manufactured in a union store, it provides an additional US$5,000.Tesla has no union Musk strongly opposes unionsHowever, the major US automakers do have a large labor union.It’s easy to understand why you need to top up $5,000 Even if unions are good for daily life and democracy, they will anger Musk.

Do you know who else hates the electric car subsidies in the “Rebuild Better Act”? Senator Joe Manchin. Do you know who gives Manchin the most money?this Fossil fuel industry. And what to do What does that industry have in common with Musk? They are all incumbents. It is true that the fossil fuel industry has been leading the way in linking transportation to gasoline for more than a century. But Musk’s company is ahead of other automakers in linking it to electricity. Cutting off subsidies will allow Tesla to further monopolize market share and tie the fate of electrification to his company more closely.Zone One Musk will What I like to see the government invest in is “better highways…in crowded cities, we have to deal with extreme traffic. I think this is double-decker highways and tunnels.”

He was obviously silent on public transportation, a huge Gospel of the local economy, Transit justice and climate. But more roads-this Will be a climate disaster As long as the internal combustion engine is still there, it means more cars and more potential Tesla customers. Wait, that’s right.Musk owns the boring company Rely on government contracts To make money.

“If we don’t cut government spending, very bad things will happen,” he continued. “This is crazy. Our expenditure far exceeds our income. This is crazy.”

It’s the topic of deficit again. But honestly, if Elon is so worried about spending more than income, I can think of a solution.

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