Elon Musk says Starlink will seek waiver from Iran sanctions

Elon Musk says On Monday, Starlink will seek a waiver of sanctions against Iran in order to provide services to the country.

Musk said Starlink is now active on all seven continents by connecting thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit with user terminals on the ground.

Internet monitor NetBlocks reported telecommunications outages in some areas. Iranian Kurdistan Province On Monday, amid widespread protests over the death of a Kurdish-Iranian woman in police custody last week.

iranian moral police Arrested Martha Amini, 22, Sept. 14, allegedly accused her of failing to properly wear a headscarf. She fell into a coma while in custody and died three days later.

ELON MUSK says SPACEX, Apple has had ‘some promising conversations’ on STARLINK connectivity

In addition to internet outages, Iran has strict restrictions on social media and other content.

Starlink has provided services during disasters and emergencies in the past.

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SpaceX sent a Shipping Starlink User Terminals to Ukraine In February, a few days after the Russian incursion, there was a disruption to internet service there.

Starlink also sent user terminals to Tonga’s South Pacific island earlier this year after a volcano erupted and cut off the island’s internet.

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