Elon Musk: Divisive candidate preferable to Trump in 2024, Biden misreads his mandate

Elon Muskthis Tesla CEO and business tycoon eyes acquisitions Twittersaid he Think less polarized challenger should run in 2024, not ex-president Donald Trump.

Simultaneously, he defend his Mr.’s position trump card Should be allowed back to social media platforms.

“While I think it would be better to have a less divided candidate in 2024, I still think trump card should be restored to Twitter,” he Tweet later on Thursday.

gentlemen. trump card used Twitter communicate directly with the American people during his From TV personality and real estate mogul to US president. he Tweeted at the White House before being banned from the platform following the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol his supporter.

gentlemen. Musk Caused a storm by saying he will let mr trump card back to the platform once he Finish his acquisition Twitter. Conservatives are counting on the tycoon to be less strict in how the platform regulates speech.

gentlemen. Musk also provides his Views on the current president.

“Biden’s mistake is that he thinks he’s choosing to change the country when in reality everyone wants less drama,” Musk Tweet.

gentlemen. Musk Not the first to make this observation as Mr Biden struggles to pass his ambitious social welfare agenda.

Mr Biden’s critics, including centrists in his party, say he should focus on crises such as inflation and build on victories such as a bipartisan infrastructure deal, rather than new social spending.

They say his mission is to bring America together after the panic trump card year.

However, Democrats took two Georgia Senate seats in the last cycle, giving the party control of Congress and he Shine brightly on progressive policies.

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