Elon Musk delivers Starlink satellites to Florida in response to Hurricane Ian

© Reuters.U.S. National Guard Chief Daniel Hokanson, who is flying around the area after Hurricane Ian caused widespread damage to Pin, is seen from a U.S. Army National Guard Black Hawk helicopter on Pin Island, Fla. Destroyed homes and businesses

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – SpaceX Chief Executive Elon has agreed to provide the company’s satellite internet service Starlink to help deal with areas of southwest Florida that remain unconnected, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said. of Hurricane Ian.

“We’re working with Elon Musk and the Starlink satellites. They’re positioning those Starlink satellites to provide good coverage in southwest Florida and other affected areas,” DeSantis told reporters Saturday. “We expect an additional 120 large Starlink devices to be deployed in southwest Florida.”

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