Electric vehicle startup Arrival is building a $11.5 million battery plant in North Carolina

British and American automakers arrived today It plans to build a $11.5 million battery plant in Charlotte, North Carolina. The plant will become the company’s third overall plant in the city. It will be only a few steps away from the North American headquarters that is about to be completed. Once the factory is operational, it will provide batteries for the company’s van “mini factory”, creating approximately 150 additional jobs.

“By assembling our proprietary high-voltage battery modules in-house, we are trying to be as vertically integrated as possible,” said Mike Ableson, CEO of Arrival. “This will allow us to better control the functions and costs of our products, and pass on these savings to customers, while striving to achieve the goal of zero waste production.” The company told TechCrunch The annual production capacity of the facility should be as high as 350,000 battery modules.

Reach largely depends on its success . In 2020, UPS Electric trucks from automakers, if all goes well, you can choose to buy another 10,000 cars.On the same day that the announcement was made, Toyota said it would establish a In central North Carolina.

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