eBay banned some users by mistake

Twitter is not the only big-name Internet company owned Unexpectedly ban users this week.As edge report, EBay has comfirmed It erroneously suspended a “few” users on December 3. The company did not provide the reason or the severity of the problem, but said it had fixed the error and notified the affected people.

There may be quite a few victims. Reddit users invested a lot of money String The ban, and pointed out that at least some accounts do not have any potential red flags. People will be suspended even if they have an excellent history of buyers and sellers or have not used eBay for many years. Those who contacted eBay were denied appeals and were told at least once that they put eBay users “at risk.”

Although it’s not always clear what caused the inadvertent ban, such incidents highlight Regulate internet serviceCompanies often have to rely on automated review to handle the huge content scale, and those available manual reviewers may still make mistakes. Gaffes like this are rare, but they may be difficult to avoid if the decision is not carefully checked.

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