EarnHub will be launched on November 23, allowing users to stake their tokens through staking and receive passive rewards without any lock-in or fees

EarnHub will be launched on November 23, allowing users to stake their tokens through staking and receive passive rewards without any lock-in or fees

EarnHub is proud to announce the launch of its token and pledge platform, allowing users to pledge their EarnHub tokens to generate income without lock-in or fees. When many people invest their hard-earned money in low-market-value cryptocurrencies, the first thing they want to know is how to make money with it – and how much. EarnHub offers a variety of ways to make money, not just limited to their staking platform.

Although memecoins such as SAFEMOON, INU, DOGECOIN, and FLOKI have recently made their way onto the stage, true innovators in the field are shining through new developments designed to replace standard financial functions. These opportunities can bring opportunities beyond speculation. Return.

EarnHub has launched a staking platform that rewards partner tokens with high transaction volume returns and passive reflection of any tokens, rather than a single option like EVERGROW COIN.


EarnHub aims to achieve long-term growth and consistent returns through its innovative quantity-based pledge platform-enabling users to pledge their tokens and earn other project tokens.

The APY of each mining pool will rise as EarnHub grows and attracts new investors, and by recycling new token partners in and out of new project communities, they can both diversify the holder’s crypto investment portfolio and Can be used as a marketing plan.

EarnHub function

AnyFlect: Hold EarnHub and automatically receive any token rewards on the Binance Smart Chain. It’s as easy as connecting to their proprietary dApp and choosing a project you like. In addition to mortgages, you can also do this to increase your chances of making money by holding an asset.

Reward Pool (Nasdaq:) Mortgage: By providing liquidity to EarnHub, holders can earn a reflection of native tokens at a higher interest rate compared to partner mortgages or reflections.

Loyalty returns: By introducing others to the project or reinvesting other tokens back into EarnHub, sales and purchase taxes will be reduced, allowing holders to increase their positions at a lower interest rate. Those who hold tokens for a specific period of time will also be rewarded with additional features on the dApp, which will enable them to increase the rate of return, such as automatic compound rewards.

Planning the pre-sale launch board: EarnHub holders will be able to participate in the private pre-sale of the reviewed project, so that they can get the investment of the team’s guarantee project as soon as possible. This will also serve as the entrance for new projects to become partners of the EarnHub platform.

Professional knowledge

Many tokens are launched on the Binance Smart Chain by copying and pasting codes, but EarnHub’s team is composed of experienced professionals who have created the entire money-making platform from the ground up. EarnHub aims to be a solution for all users to bet and generate higher income.

EarnHub will be launched on November 23, which will bring a revenue-generating platform to the Binance Smart Chain and redefine the implementation of passive rewards.

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Media contact

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Address: Los Angeles, USA

Email: marketing@earnhub.fi

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