Dvision Network has officially announced its first LAND sale with Binance NFT and NFTb on November 24th – Press Release Bitcoin News

Press release. Dvision recently announced that it will cooperate with Binance NFT and NFTb to conduct LAND sales for its digital assets that will be used in Dvision Metaverse, allowing its users to participate in sales on three platforms with different sales structures.

Dvision revealed that it will provide 1,452 NFT mystery boxes through Binance NFT, specifically for Binance user. As the name suggests, the mystery box contains random LAND NFTs from the entire LAND collection provided by Dvision. Users will be able to purchase mysterious boxes at the specified price and have the opportunity to drop ordinary 1×1 land batches and even legendary 3×3 land batch NFTs.

In addition, 1,495 LAND Boxes will be provided through the initial NFT product (INO) on NFTb, where users can participate in the highly sought after NFT drop from Metaverse projects such as Dvision and other celebrities, creators and games. . It should be noted that on Binance NFT and NFTb, BUSD will become the main currency for NFT purchases.Finally, 1,469 plots of land are being provided Dvision’s market, Users can use DVI tokens to purchase designated LAND Lot. Once the countdown on the website finally reaches a logical conclusion on November 24, 2021, more information will be provided later. The land sale is expected to be the largest digital asset sale on the Binance Smart Chain.

What is a partition?

Dvision Network can be defined as a multi-chain metanode platform, which is officially built on the Ethereum network and further bridged to BSC (Binance Smart Chain). It is backed by the platform’s native token, DVI, which provides utility and governance tokens in all platform pillars. Therefore, Dvision is divided into three main platform pillars, namely Meta-City, Meta-Space and NFT Marketplace.

Users can use LAND (meta space) in Metaverse to create their own content, which will then be included as an integral part of Metaverse. In this case, the user-created materials are not limited and can even be provided in various forms, such as commercial, gaming, entertainment, and academic game content.

the final Countdown

The official website of Dvision Network now displays a countdown to the LAND sale, which will end at 8pm Korean Standard Time on November 24. Land sales are being held for two Meta-Cities that will be launched in Dvision Metaverse. These meta cities are tentatively designated as New York and Seoul.

In addition, by registering as a user of NFT (BEP-721 on BSC), LAND symbolizes digital ownership and custody rights related to Metaspace. It is also a valuable asset for creating personalized virtual assets in Dvision Metaverse.

Dvision also produced the LAND Sale Teaser, which highlights the tripartite collaboration between Binance NFT, Dvision and NFTb.The goal of establishing this partnership is to make all those involved ultimately benefit from the cooperation, so the trailer depicts New York City.

LAND concept in Dvision Metaverse

As they mentioned in their official disclosure, Dvision World is the current state of Dvision Network’s development products, and it was never planned to be the end of their Metaverse. The release of Dvision World is said to be the main part of bringing together all the different Meta-Cities through this universe​​for teleportation to a specific Meta-City. Therefore, Dvision World is just the beginning, laying the foundation for the opening of 20 meta cities, which will be owned by users through the LAND (meta space) ownership system.

Unlike other Metaverses, Dvision introduces a sustainable and interesting LAND allocation structure, which stipulates that each LAND plot in Meta City is allocated according to the 40/40/20 system, of which 40% is allocated to their Play-To-Earn A model that allows users to participate in the battle mode to contribute to the LAND purification process and obtain DVI tokens, of which 40% is used for LAND sales, and the remaining 20% ​​is owned by management for their brand-specific content introduction and each partner’s distribute.

Obviously, the ongoing land sales will begin the first phase of the Metaverse Revolution initiated by Dvision Network.

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