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In recent months, Dvision Network has become one of the fastest growing NFT and blockchain gaming protocols. Since its establishment, the blockchain protocol has made significant progress and continues to create new milestones.

The latest is a partnership with the leading NFT ecosystem provider and the creator of the ERC-1155 token standard Enjin. Enjin is an important stakeholder in the NFT field and has played a vital role in the development of blockchain-based games, meta universe and NFT projects.

Dvision migrated to Enjin blockchain

Dvision has migrated to the Enjin blockchain and will now utilize the potential of launching its NFT metaworld through five different blockchain protocols. It is worth mentioning that Dvision Network was originally launched on Ethereum and also supports Binance Smart Chain Network.

As Enjin is committed to online games and NFTs, Dvision has the opportunity to showcase its products to the well-established blockchain community.In addition, according to Press release, Dvision will use Enjin’s infrastructure and API to increase the types of NFT customers require.

Users can design and cast NFT avatars through the role creation tool, and cast them on different blockchains. Since Enjin deploys JumpNet functionality, NFT minting requires less energy and is based on Proof of Authority (POA).

POA is a unique consensus that entrusts the verification process only to authorized parties, which can reduce power consumption by 99.85%. This makes it more effective than existing proof-of-work systems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Dvision will also operate the popular Enjin NFT blockchain protocol Efinity. Efinity is a parachain built on Polkadot and provides a good exposure of Dvision features to the Polkadot community.

Multiverse Ecosystem

Dvision recently launched a Public beta On June 30, 2021, users are allowed to access some functions provided in Dvision World in advance. The test will be divided into several stages, and the first two stages of the test have been completed.

Participants can test functions such as my space, character customization, and community ranking system. So far, the test has been successful, and many people have come to test the new features.

The Open Beta test introduced new features on the Dvision Network platform, including NFT market Currently running in Beta mode. Therefore, according to CoinMarketCap’s data, Dvision’s user base has also grown exponentially, and the project ranks fifth in the Metaverse ecosystem, second only to Sandbox, Decentraland, Axie Infinity and Enjin.

Through integration with leading projects including PancakeSwap, Injective Protocol, SafePal, etc., Dvision Network has also gained attention to the Binance Smart Chain. This development expands the use cases of DVI tokens in the rapidly growing BSC ecosystem.

Upcoming events and developments

After migrating to the Enjin blockchain, Dvision is expected to continue its roadmap. In addition, Metaverse is cooperating with the following organizations to initiate the first meeting mentioned in the roadmap. Lambda 256, An affiliate of Dunamu. The event labeled Luniverse Partner Day is expected to discuss the local NFT ecosystem.

In addition, a special lecture will be held to help participants examine potential legal issues in the NFT market and explore potential regulatory issues in the NFT field. Holding Luniverse Partners Day is a major milestone for Dvision, as it is a gathering of the top blockchain stakeholders in Korea.

It should also be noted that the Dvision Network team continues to make significant progress in marketing and business, holding different cross-promotion activities and events, focusing on expanding its community. Currently, the Dvision community has more than 200,000 members in all social media channels.

Dvision has also established high-profile partnerships with other blockchain protocols to improve its infrastructure. For example, NFT Metaverse revealed its strategic cooperation with BSC’s turnkey solution platform Ankr in June.To learn more about Dvision Network, please visit website.

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