DUP again blocks appointment of Northern Ireland parliament speaker

Northern Ireland’s largest trade union party has blocked the appointment of a speaker in Stormont parliament for the second time since regional elections this month in a push for its demands to overhaul the region’s post-Brexit trade arrangements.

Lawmakers were recalled to Stormont following a successful petition by the biggest party, Sinn Fein.but Democratic Unionist Party The failure to support the election of the Speaker as on May 13 ensures that local politics remains paralyzed.

The power-sharing executive body, which will be headed by Sinn Fein first minister and DUP deputy first minister, cannot take office unless a speaker is elected. That, in turn, froze many vital assembly operations, including the budget for three years, hampering efforts to help people affected by the outbreak. cost of living crisis.

Brendan Lewis, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Appeal before voting For “all parties take advantage of this opportunity . . . to move forward”.

“We’re going to come back again, we’re going to do it again,” first minister Michelle O’Neill said after failing to choose a spokesperson. “I will not give up.”

Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill (centre) speaks to the media on Monday after Stormont failed to elect a new speaker © Liam McBurney/PA

The DUP dismissed the recall motion as a “stunt” and insisted its hardline tactics were pushing the UK government to address trade arrangements opposed by all union parties, which they said undermined the region’s status as part of the UK.

DUP demands unspecified ‘decisive action’ over so-called Northern Ireland dealBrexit Check shipments between the UK and Northern Ireland before considering returning to your local agency. However, most elected lawmakers supported the deal with adjustments.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Strath said the deal must be repaired and promised to introduce a bill within weeks that would give the government the power to unilaterally tear up parts of the deal unless Brussels agrees to fundamental changes.

That raises the possibility of a trade war with the European Union, which already believes it has bent back to make the deal more flexible.

With Brexit leaving Northern Ireland within the EU’s single goods market, the agreement introduces customs checks on goods from the UK as they enter the Republic of Ireland and the wider EU.

Truss wants these cheques to be replaced by a “green channel” for goods destined for Northern Ireland, among other changes.

DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has hinted that he may take a gradual approach to revitalising Northern Ireland’s institutions, raising the prospect that the DUP could back the election of a speaker after UK legislation is introduced.

“When the time comes, we will support the election of the Speaker,” he said on Saturday ahead of the Orange Knights’ parade to mark Northern Ireland’s centenary.

But the UK government has repeatedly let the DUP down and has made it clear it needs to see results before returning to executive.

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