Due to tepid relations, Poland will not have an ambassador to Israel

Warsaw, Poland (Associated Press)-The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday that EU countries will temporarily not send ambassadors to Israel, reducing the level of missions to the level of Israeli missions in Poland.

After Poland passed legislation deemed to prohibit the return of some seized property (including those of victims of the Holocaust), traditionally sensitive bilateral relations deteriorated in the summer. Israel protested.

The ministry decided at the time that Polish ambassador Marek Magierowski (Marek Magierowski) would not return to Tel Aviv after his vacation. Since then, he was appointed to work in Washington.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lukasz Jasina told the Associated Press that “there are currently no plans to nominate new candidates for the post of ambassador in Tel Aviv.”

After the earlier tensions, Israel’s visit to Poland was only at the charge d’affaires level, but the diplomat Tal Ben-Ali Aaron was recalled to Israel during the summer quarrel. She is expected to return to Warsaw.

Bilateral relations can be traced back to 1948, re-established in 1990 after the communist era, and have gone through various stages. Recently, an administrative law was passed in Poland, which deteriorated after setting a deadline for the return of seized real estate.

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