Due to climate change, linen is the summer fabric

Two-day fake Olivia top, made of linen.

Jemma Swatek, the designer who created the brand Lykke Wullf, went to college to study in the environment, but then turned to fashion design. Now, however, she finds herself constantly considering the environment when making clothes.

“In terms of design, I definitely consider weather and climate,” she said. “I live in Los Angeles. It gets hotter and hotter every summer. Last year I was like, ‘My goodness i am too hot’ At that time I was like,’Next year I need to make the loosest and most comfortable clothes.

Heat is a major source of inspiration for her recent summer 2021 collection, which features a large amount of linen.She feels breathable And like how it rolls away from the body.

“In the past few years I prefer linen, I think calories are part of it,” she said. “I made it into a bra top, but we also made a loose one Long-sleeved linen shirt… because I want to stay cool, But I am an outdoor person, my skin will burn. “

America just ended The hottest June on record, The West has been roasted Relentless heat All summer. In such weather, no one wants to wear tight, sweaty fabrics. On the contrary, we are all looking for moisture-wicking, light-weight clothes. The linen meets the requirements. Made from the stems of the flax plant, the flax fibers are large, and the fabric tends to have a more open weave, allowing more breeze to enter. It’s not just this summer. Linen already everywhere In the past few summers. As our planet heats up further, It may become the fabric of that era.

Gina Stovall is a climate scientist and a designer for two days off. She also uses a lot of linen and other natural fabrics in her designs.She pointed out that they are not only breathable but also It looks decent without ironing.

“For the various natural fabrics I use… I don’t have to Maintain them as much as possible,” she said. “I don’t want to spend extra time using irons and the like to get hotter. “

Compared with other fabrics, the ecological footprint of linen is also often smaller.Not like Synthetic fibers such as polyester, It is made from fossil fuels polluted by greenhouse gases and is made entirely of plants.Linen also needs Much less water Longer than cotton.Aesthetically, the fabric looks decent, but Not too fancy, in line with the way people want to dress in the heat.

Christopher Kunz, the co-founder of clothing brand Nicholas K, said: “In a sense, I think the weather makes things more casual.” “When the weather is warm, I don’t want to wear thick clothes, no matter what the activity is. I don’t want to wear a stiff formal shirt. I want to wear a flowing sweater, comfortable to wear, without restricting exercise. “

Happy Woolf's Yarrow Tank

Flax wrinkles easily-flax fiber does not Naturally elastic, so when they are pushed to a certain position, they will remain wrinkled. For this reason, my mother tends not to wear it.But today, our preference for casual attire It may also make people less concerned about imperfections.The clothes look good but not perfect.

“My goal is always It looks great, but it needs to be very comfortable and casual, and you can do anything in my clothes at any time,” Swatek said.

If you bought a lot of linen this summer, you are obviously not alone. Don’t worry-you don’t have to put it away in autumn.

“For linen, everyone thinks it is a summer fabric. But this textile is my favorite because it has a wide range of uses. It will absorb sweat at high temperatures, but it will also help you isolate when it is cold.,” Stovall said.

In climate change The world, it never hurts to be prepared for extreme situations Two ends of mercury.

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