Drama Queen: These actresses must know how to carry the series on their shoulders

Actresses are not just candy in the OTT field, but characters supported by the author. The weight of these roles is as important as their male co-starring. They play complex roles with composure and ensure their space under the sun. Every nominee in the upcoming MyGlamm Filmfare OTT Awards for best actor, series (female), and drama in the upcoming 2021 MyGlamm Filmfare OTT Awards not only fights side by side with the actor, but also overshadows them in some cases. The Har character Akela Hi Kaafi Hai allows women to find their place in the sun on the OTT platform. They stand out, like Tata Pravesh steel doors with wooden finishes, with their own chaukhat.

Huma Qureshi (Maharani)

The series is inspired by events in real life. It fictionalizes the political turmoil that broke out in the 1990s, when CM Lalu Prasad Yadav in Bihar announced the name of his wife Rabri Devi as his successor. Huma Qureshi plays a housewife who is content to take care of the politician’s husband’s family and is suddenly asked to take his place. She shines in all aspects of the plot and makes this series her own.

Kirti Kulhari (criminal justice: behind closed doors)

What causes people to kill? Have they ever repented of this behavior? How does the law treat such people? What will happen to them in prison? The series raises some sharp questions, and Kirti Kulhari is at the center of all questions. Her silence, dignity and composure made the audience resonate with her character and won their favor.

Samantha (Family Man Season 2)

Who says that negative characters cannot successfully attract audiences? Samantha gave up her image as a good girl in the South and made her debut on OTT. She plays Raj, a terrorist who married her and is willing to do her best for it. This is indeed a brave performance.

Shreya Dhanwanthary (Scam 1992: Harshad Mehta Story)

Shreya Dhanwanthary plays Sucheta Dalal, a hardcore journalist who overthrew Harshad Mehta’s House of Cards through some diligent investigative journalism. She devoted herself to her career, but at the same time understood why Hashad was considered a hero by the public despite his flaws.

Shweta Tripathi (Mirzapur Season 2)

Gajgamini “Golu” Gupta acted like a nerd in the first season, but became a revenge angel in the second season. Her character showed the greatest change and developed violent tendencies. No wonder it is loved by the audience.

Zoya Hussein (Grahan)

Imagine you are a police officer investigating a crime long ago and discovering that your own father was involved. Zoya Hussein plays a policeman named Amrita Singh in the series. She accidentally discovers a secret that threatens her survival. This is the actor’s tough and brave performance, which won her applause.

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