Downing Street hosted two parties on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral, according to witnesses

Boris Johnson is under increasing pressure as Downing Street staff threw two parties the night before the Queen was photographed sitting alone to mourn the death of her husband Prince Philip, according to reports.

daily telegraph report On April 16 last year, there were two exit parties for staff in Downing Street. Downing Street has not denied any incidents have occurred.

The Queen sat alone the next morning Funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh At St George’s Church in Windsor, only 30 family members attended to comply with coronavirus restrictions.

Members of the congregation wore masks and practiced social distancing. The public is also encouraged not to pay their respects in person, but to pay attention to coverage of the funeral on television or radio.

Government guidelines at the time stated: “You must not socialize indoors except with family members or support bubbles. You can gather outdoors, including in the garden, in groups of six or two.”

About 30 people attended two Downing Street departure parties that collided into one, with staff dancing to music in basement 10 until the early hours, the newspaper said, citing witnesses.

A witness said a reveller was taken to the Co-op on the Strand with a suitcase full of bottles of wine before returning to Downing Street.

One party was for a photographer and the other was for James Slack, the prime minister’s former communications director. The newspaper said the prime minister did not appear on the 10th on the day the two parties allegedly took place.

A spokesman for Number 10 said: “On this man’s last day, he gave a farewell speech thanking every team for the work they did to support him, including those who had to work in the office, and for those on screen. work done.” Home. “

Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, tweeted: “The Queen sat alone in mourning, like many at the time, with personal trauma and sacrifice, playing by the rules for the good of the country. For No. 10 culture and behaviour, I have nothing to say and the responsibility rests with the Prime Minister.”

The prime minister has previously faced questions over allegations against other parties at various times while the pandemic restrictions were in effect.

The latest revelations reignite and intensify scrutiny of Downing Street party culture through the Covid-19 pandemic Questions about Johnson’s leadership.

Earlier this week, Johnson was forced to apologise after admitting he attended a “bring your own drink” party at Downing Street Gardens in May 2020, which was banned at the time.

Admission leads ask him to resign From the Scottish Conservative leader and a handful of MPs within his own party.

Andrew Briggan on Thursday became the latest MP to call for Johnson’s resignation. He said he had submitted a letter to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Conservative Party backbench committee, calling for a vote of no confidence in Johnson. 54 such letters will trigger a vote.

Cabinet ministers call for patience Sugrey, a senior civil servant investigating a series of Whitehall rallies allegedly breaching coronavirus restrictions, completed her report.

“The Queen sitting alone mourning the loss of her husband is an iconic image of lockdown,” Lib Dem leader Sir Ed David tweeted. “Not because she’s the Queen, but because she’s just another person, like Too many others mourned alone. While she mourned, the 10th attended the party. Johnson had to go.”

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