Dominican Merengue dance and music legend Johnny Ventura dies at the age of 81

According to his son, the singer-songwriter died of a heart attack at the Medical Union Clinic in the northern city of Santiago in the Dominican Republic.

As we all know, “Mayor Caballo” is one of the most popular artists in the Dominican Republic, and his songs are part of the repertoire of other great Latin American artists.

After Ventura’s death, the country issued a three-day mourning order. The flag of the island will be lowered at half-mast, and military honors will be carried out by the Ministry of Defense.

A statement from the clinic said that Ventura felt “sudden chest pain followed by collapse” during lunch, adding that Ventura arrived at the medical center with his driver at 2:25 pm EST.

After the singer arrived, “a 45-minute advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed immediately (in progress), during which time he never responded,” the statement detailed.

According to a statement from the clinic, Ventura was pronounced dead at 3:12 pm Eastern Time. The statement stated that there are four possible causes of death: sudden death, possible myocardial infarction, hypertensive heart disease and ischemic heart disease.

Many Dominican Republic celebrities and international celebrities expressed their condolences on multiple social media platforms and expressed condolences for the death of Ventura.

In addition to his artistic career, Ventura has also been in politics for 50 years, serving as deputy mayor and mayor. He has been married to Josefina Flores for almost 50 years.

Ventura’s son Jandi said at a press conference after his father’s death: “My father passed away at work. He is attending a work meeting, and then he will record a song there.”

“The Ventura family is proud of all the legacy my father left. We hold our heads high. We are not ashamed of anything he could have done. (I think) tell the Dominican Republic and the world that they have lost Dominica The greatest representative of the music of the Republic,” Ventura’s son added.

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