Dodgers approach Scherzer, Turner who traded Nationals: report

The Washington Nationals are entering a comprehensive reconstruction phase.

General manager Mike Rizzo Vowed to be aggressive no matter which way he Choosing to trade before Friday’s trade deadline—buy or sell—but as the Nationals trailed by 7.5 games in the National League East, the decision became clearer.And when the starter Max Scherzer, In the last year his Contract, a possible trade candidate appeared, star shortstop Turner Seems to be joining Shetzel In a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

As the deadline approaches, the Dodgers are reaching an agreement for the two Washington stars. according to ESPN’s Jeff Passang, this will generate huge potential rewards. Rizzo Said in an interview on the radio on Wednesday he Want to reorganize the team for an additional championship battle, but include turner This deal makes people wonder whether Washington has the ability to participate in another World Series.

according to For Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the package to return to the Nationals will be receiver Keibert Ruiz, right-hander Josiah Gray and two mid-range players.

Ruiz is a leader in the Los Angeles farm system. Every MLB Pipeline and the 23-year-old guard have hit 0.311 with 16 home runs in 52 3A games this season. Gray is the second-ranked prospect for the Dodgers, and the pitcher has a 2.87 ERA in Triple-A’s 15 2/3 innings. In this season’s MLB level, his SR score reached 6.75 in eight games.

Jesse Dougherty of The Washington Post Report Right-hander Gerardo Carrillo-the Dodgers’ No. 17 prospect-and outfielder Donovan Casey are also included in the trade.Chelsea Janes Report The Dodgers are paying for all the money owed Shetzel and turner In their contract.

Scherzer is a future Hall of Fame member and won three Cy Young Awards his name. heComing to an end his Signed a seven-year organizational change agreement with the Nationals, and as Washington continues to decline in the standings, it seems more and more likely to take action before the deadline.

The 37-year-old started the first match of Thursday’s doubles, pitching six rounds while allowing one run. he made money his Washington’s 92nd victory, and heWill complete his The time in the country’s capital was 2.80 ERA, 1,610 strikeouts, and 0.962 WHIP in 1,229 innings. After the game, he Say he I don’t know what will happen to the transaction deadline.

“This is new to me,” Shetzel Say. “I was only traded during the offseason; in this season, I have never dealt with this issue.”

turner28 years old, signed a one-year contract worth 13 million U.S. dollars in the last offseason, and heWill accept arbitration again in the coming winter. he The coronavirus test was positive on Tuesday, but heThis season, the percentage of on-base plus slam hits reached 0.322 with a 0.890.

he Acquired by Washington in a 2015 deal with the San Diego Padres, the deal Rizzo Known as “one of the greatest deals I have ever made. he It turns out that he is one of the greatest superstars in baseball and we are proud to have he here. “

but Rizzo Also said that no player is not tradable, and he Proof of the deal with the report on Thursday night turner.

“There are some players I would not consider trading,” Rizzo Say. “If someone proposes a meaningful deal, you have to think about it. If you don’t, it’s malfeasance. You won’t do your job. But there are people you don’t know how to trade and don’t want to trade. But you can never Say forever. This is very, very impossible for a few players, but you can’t say never to anyone.”

Obviously, the return is turner and Shetzel Combination is the cause Rizzo Never say “never”, it opened a new era of national baseball-an era without star shortstops and future Hall of Fame pitchers.

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