“Doctor Who” is late for another revolution

The BBC announced that Doctor Who’s executive producer Chris Chibnall (pictured, middle) and his star Jodie Whittaker (pictured, right) will . Three special shows next year will herald the pair’s departure from this long-lived series. For Doctor Who, then, this seems to be the ideal time to experience the radical reorganization it desperately needs.I disagree A recent article said that the series needs to be suspended for a while, but it is clear that it is time for the show to develop again.

This is partly because the Doctor Who under Chibnar is too wasteful: the work of the show host before accepting this job, although popular and award-winning, always makes me feel cold.My initial It was calmed by the news that appeared in the 11th round of the production of the revival series. Chibnall is also commendable because he almost hired the first two writers of color in the play. Sixty years history. The fact that many episodes clearly focus on material and social history indicates that the series has a bright new direction. The woman who fell to the earthIt is also a very confident debut, everything looks good.

then, YesAlthough Chibnall was able to generate some truly inspired ideas, the quality of his execution was poor. He tried to enrich the quartet’s protagonist, but failed to provide them with a real stake. And in that era where diversity was emphasized, the content of each episode seemed to lag far behind.I wrote The arguments about Chibnall often seem to be contrary to what he believes.Unless he on purpose To say that polite protest is the only good protest. Amazon’s attitude towards employees is actually very good. We can all benefit from the spoils of colonialism.

Naturally, the central role of women encourages people’s usual grumpiness Those ones The corner of the internet. Sadly, I think the actors involved have worked miracles, trying to make everything Chibnall writes believable. Whitaker left before working with another executive producer. This would be another wasted opportunity in this era. I hope this malicious criticism will not force the production team to make a “safe” choice for the next doctor.

Big secret Doctor Who Endurance is not only the plasticity of its premise, but also its knack for reshaping itself. Every few years, usually as the creative team of the show changes, it becomes an almost completely different show.You might argue that this lack of sentimentality has always existed since the first task switch of the show fifth episode.The resurrection show has been using Buffy the Vampire Slayer Since the template in 2005, it started to wear a little thin.

Although series 11 is designed to avoid any show-intensive backstory, series 12 is sometimes incomprehensible to anyone except die-hard fans, which is of no avail. After all, Chibnar used his series to verify production errors in an episode that aired on January 24. 1976(And, in doing so, the Doctor of Time Lord is equivalent to Jesus, contradicting everything we have learned in the past 60 years.) This is the worst kind of self-indulgent fan fiction, hardly a bold one. A mainstream drama in a new direction.

Unfortunately, the media landscape has changed, and competition has intensified beyond everyone’s imagination. The BBC no longer monopolizes conversations as it used to — at least here in the UK — and pales in comparison with streaming giants. Netflix, Amazon, Disney and other companies also have enough wealth to provide the kind of creative freedom that once allowed the non-commercial BBC to stand out from the crowd.

I’m sure that the subconscious reaction will be to ask Doctor Who to join the trend promoted by Marvel’s recent streaming show. That would be a mistake, because when it gets rid of any type of program that entered the mainstream that year, who is in the best state. Financially, the BBC cannot compete with these large franchise companies, but its writing quality and unique sensitivity can.However, one thing the series can learn from these shows is how to build each episode into a event.

This may mean that the show will become a longer occasional special show, just like this week’s beautifying movie. Or, like the 2021 season affected by COVID, it may be a short, closely connected episode. Chibnall may indeed stumble upon a template that will help revitalize the show’s development, but I personally hope that there is something more radical.

For example, if Doctor Who can’t be a glamorous, hour-long standalone drama, then why not go back to the short series? Netflix Russian doll And BBC I might ruin you Both are examples of (excellent) half-hour dramas, they break the current prestige drama template.This also helps Doctor Who In 25 of its first 26 seasons, it has run in this format and offers new—or in The most different -The method of building a story.

It may also make it easier to overeating in a long second life on a streaming platform.Think about it: How many times have you not watched a long drama Crown Because you put too much time in your day, but you will spend four episodes happily Brooklyn Nine Point Nine No complaints. You can even ask Michaela Coel to write it, although at this point I will accept anyone who is not called Chris Chibnall.

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