Doctor Who Forum: Angel Village

The crying angel showed a real and terrifying face.

We especially said “do not blink. “
picture: British Broadcasting Corporation

What will happen Doctor Who Keep telling the story about one of them The most genius one-off idea That Somehow become a constant monster, The crying angel? Doctor Who: Flux I hope there is an answer in the new episode tonight, let’s talk about whether “Angel Village” has widened your eyes.

After a lot of lore on the settings FluxLast week’s “major conflict”Once on time, “Angel Village” brings Doctor, Yaz, and Dan to the 1960s, which seems to be a little different from the main narrative Six episodes serial series. But everything is always peculiar Doctor WhoThis is especially true when a creepy British village is haunted by missing children and killer statues.

What hope do you have Doctor Who‘S latest adventure “Angel Village”? Let us know in the comments!

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