Doctor Who Announces New Year’s Day Special Program and 2022 Plan

Red light flows through the cracks in the police box-shaped Tardis damaged by the doctor.

picture: British Broadcasting Corporation

Only two episodes left Doctor Who13th Season, a serial story with subtitles Flux. But when it ends, Judy Whitaker The thirteenth doctorate has not yet been fully played.That will only happen at the end of three WHO A special program to be broadcast in 2022.As usual, the BBC will keep the next secret The doctor approaches its metaphorical chest, but we finally have a little detail In the first special program on New Year’s Day.

This is what we already know, except for the broadcast date: bMandip Gill and John Bishop will replay their roles as their old partner Yasmin Khan and new partner Dan Lewis on the 13th.If you keep watching Flux, You know that Tardis is broken, a mysterious door appears, black slime pops out, and it loses defense ability. However, it still looks better Flux Compared with this new year special poster:

Picture of the article titled

picture: British Broadcasting Corporation

This particularly humorous brief summary does not even mention the plight of the TARDIS: “Aisling Bea owns and operates the ELF warehouse, and Nick (Adjani Salmon) is a client who visits his unit every New Year’s Eve. However, this year, their The night is a bit different from the plan…”

No episode Doctor Who You can describe it as “the outcome of the matter is slightly different from the plan…” instead of making it wilderness Understatement. Anyway, Last night in SohoPauline McLynn (Pauline McLynn) also starred special. Apart from serious problems with the TARDIS, what else can we learn from the poster?Although the light from the cracks suggestsThese are actual holes revealed In the (larger), what makes them? Is it Flux or TARDIS that the problems encountered this season are caused by other reasons? The wound is a bit like a claw mark to me, but the pattern is all wrong.I’m not ready yet WHO Lore, so I leave it to the Whooligans of io9 to make their guesses in the comments, although I will never call you Whovians, because Whooligans are much better.

Judy Whitaker’s last two Doctor Who The special program will be broadcast in the spring and autumn of 2022.

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