Doctor Strange 2’s Wanda Twist takes on her worst comic trope

A possessed Scarlet Witch takes captive Avengers Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Falcon, Quicksilver, and the Wasp on the cover of Avengers #187.

What is the sanity of the Scarlet Witch, if not the perseverance metaphor?
picture: John Byrne, Terry Austin and Gaspar Saladino/Marvel Comics

In a medium where enduring superhero characters go through roller coaster ups and downs throughout their careers, few will experience something like scarlet witch. As a member of the vanguard, even in the ascendant Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Fourshe recently appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Disappointing to prove As in the comics, putting Wanda into a state of madness is a trope that her creativity seems inescapable.

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An unexpected “turn” Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness– In a film that lasts two hours, one can really have a turning point – Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff is not the vengeful ally Stephen Strange thinks it is, when Chavez in the U.S. landed in full force His proverb is at the door of the house. Instead, Wanda is the very villain of the production, corrupted by the dark magic of the Dark Fortress and her own mental trauma, agonizing over the loss of the son she summoned for herself in the town of Westview, NJ – Wanda A product created from the further grief of the loss of the man she loved, Synthetic Vision.

Suffice to say, the reaction to her role as the MCU’s newest villain… has been mixed, to say the least.back Wanda Vision expressed her sadness It’s both destructive and somehow understandable — just as one can understand a reality-bending witch ruling an entire town against their will so she can play a ’50s housewife — Push Wanda into a horribly evil status quo, a casual murderer and a ruthless, unstoppable force willing to do anything for anything A chance to get her kids back. The madness of the movie title is not so much Doctor Strange and his allies trying to stop her trans-reality road trip, but Wanda herself, driven to this unknown, terrifying place, always thought to be a deranged and deranged demon , until that time came to make her aware of the scope of what she was doing in her madness, and punished by self-sacrifice rather than recovery for it.

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Taking one of the most powerful, prominent, and most beloved female figures in the MCU around at this point and making her turn heel irks, especially in the wake of a (not entirely spotless) attempt at a more demure spin on Wanda’s grief in WandaVision. But it’s not just because she’s a fallen hero who’s given the tropey “female hero can’t handle power, goes mad in the process” storyline, but because it’s a trope that has defined and influenced the Scarlet Witch for years, well before she first got adapted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Well, first off, it’s true to who the comics’ version of the character is and what she does in the comics,” crazy multiverse and Rocky writer michael waldron In an interview about the decision to make Wanda the movie’s big bad Rolling Stones this week. “That was always where Wanda was going in the MCU, even though I inherited the movie. The question then became, when Will it happen? “

Waldron argues that this apparent inevitability – that Wanda Maximoff has to be this corrupt, deranged evil – is a shadow that has been chasing the character for decades in her comics history, It has now been brought into the MCU as well.From the days she was enchanted by the power of Cthon and the Dark Citadel on Mount Wundagore crazy multiverse itself draws) on the page The Avengers #187, all the way to the infamous “No More Mutants” M’s House– and those complex mutant legacies lingering in the past that are only now beginning to Trials of MagnetoTime and time again, Wanda’s story has turned into a dark force within her or at her fingertips, which turned her not only into something evil, but into a woman who went mad for being out of control.And, often, this is not the same as forcing the role Face trauma lost her children Billy and Tommy, and her husband’s vision.

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The first time we really saw this was in “Darker Than Scarlet” in the 1990s west coast avengers #56 When Wanda is corrupted by her father Magneto into a sinister version, she lashes out at her former allies for losing her family – which says the problem starts with captured American agent Wasp Aga Shaha Knees, and Wonder Woman are both reflecting on Wanda’s madness with grief, and even more so, this is the first time we’ve learned that Wanda’s magical powers don’t change probabilities, but distort reality itself. Time and time again, the connection between Wanda’s range of superpowers and her apparent lack of willpower to control it runs through the comics at the lowest point of her life, forced to forever re-face the trauma of losing Billy and infamously happened decades later in 2004 Avengers Teardownwith Agatha Harkness The equally infamous way of keeping Wanda tame — erasing her memory of her child — fails, and Wanda seems, to put it simply, unable to resist a mental breakdown and turn to evil again.

And then, of course, the most famous, M’s House Just a year later, when Wanda wakes up in response to the gathered X-Men and Avengers trying to stop her destructive madness and warp all reality to create an idealized world where she always has hers The child is by her side. Although on the face of it, Wanda’s actions are less of a sinister impulse than an overwhelming plot device, M’s House still ends up with one of these she most horrific act In the comics, when she goes to –Almost all but about 200 species possess great powers – in The current Krakoan era of X-comics. Even so, Wanda (due to retcons sparked by film ambitions, he is no longer mutants these days) until Trials of Magneto Seen as a metaphysical witch of resurrected mutants, the “Great Pretender” who tries to bring down their species.

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Power and Wanda’s overtly evil abilities have gone hand in hand throughout the character’s stories, time and time again turning one of the most prominent female Avengers in the team’s entire existence into a deranged being that needs to be confronted and controlled because of fear. Her powers do more harm than good.And now, with crazy multiverse, the MCU has turned to the same situation with its own version of Wanda Maximoff. But is it really necessary?when is needed Wanda Vision Before it, in engaging with the idea itself, managed to present a scarlet witch that was at least easier to understand than the bloodthirsty villain we encountered in it crazy multiverse?

time will tell How the MCU sees the future of Scarlet Witch — even if crazy multiverse Ending her arc with seemingly sacrifice, death (obvious or other than that) Few are permanent in the world of superhero movies. But whether Marvel Studios is trying to put Wanda on the road to recovery, one question always haunts fans of her character: Is it really always like this?

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