Do you think you are good at push-ups?Try this progressive push-up challenge

How did it do @andywhatsnext Has the motivational challenge started on Monday? At the beginning I posted some crazy challenges to a group of friends I used to train with in Los Angeles to keep each other motivated. Now, it is more about fighting the boringness that threatens our fitness lifestyle.

For 30 years, I exercised at least once a day. Maybe you are the same-whether it’s thirty years or three months.If so, we all know which weight room you choose-gym or garage or Anywhere else you can train ——It will be a bit monotonous. Yes, this kind of routine is necessary, and discipline is part of what we love!

In order to avoid boredom, as I grow older, I “test” myself more and more-I usually try to come up with some Challenging (crazy fringe?) workout Or a small exercise at the end of a weekly training session. This series will focus on some of these challenges, point out which muscle groups are working, and explain their benefits (even though this may just be to impress your friends). As always, my “official” advice is not to try this at home! But, just in case you are crazy like me, let’s get started.

Today’s challenge video:

Why should I try this? This is an excellent finisher or end-of-workout tester. Test yourself in new and different ways! Push-ups in these different hand positions are a great test of strength proportional to body weight. The final “reward” challenge-try to stabilize your body by touching the ground with only your hands-is extra credit!

Challenge goal: Push the muscles (pectoralis, deltoid, triceps) and core stabilizing muscles (abdominal muscles, oblique muscles, low back muscles, latissimus dorsi, which are attached to the lower position). We put pressure on the muscles from different angles and different loads by changing the position of the hand.

Build version: If you want to try a challenge, but can’t completely complete all the actions in the video, no problem! Here are some ideas for building it:

  • The focus of this challenge is to increase the variety of push-ups. If it is difficult for you to “jump” with your hands and push from different hand positions, then try to increase the variety of foot positions.Single leg, double wide leg, foot lift, etc.
  • An important reminder: I often see that the main problem with people correctly performing push-ups at any difficulty level is actually not the lack of driving force, but the lack of core strength. Therefore, a good way to build more advanced push-ups is to perform planks and other “hands on the ground” core exercises.

That’s it. Enjoy responsibly and good luck! Let me know the follow-up…!

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