Disney+ ad-free streaming prices rise to $11 a month in December

Disney+ not done increase price. as part of the third quarter Earnings report, Disney revealed that it will raise the price of its ad-free service in the U.S. to $11 a month on December 8, up $3 from today.If you want to keep the same price you have to subscribe Ad-supported layer Launched the same day. In other words, an ad-supported plan won’t really be cheaper — you’ll just have to pay more to keep the uninterrupted experience you already have.

The media giant also said it will increase the price of ad-free Hulu by $2 to $15 a month on October 10. If you can accept ads, you’ll also pay $8 a month instead of the current $7. Ads for Disney+ and Hulu for $10 per month. Bundles that offer ad-free Disney+, ad-supported ESPN+, and their Hulu counterparts go up by $1 to $15 a month, but if you’re willing to tolerate ads on all three, you’ll drop to $13 a month. You have to pay $20 a month to get the trio without any sales.

Disney isn’t shy about the reasons for the price hike. While it added 14.4 million Disney+ subscribers in the quarter (221 million across all services), its streaming-oriented division’s operating loss soared to nearly $1.1 billion from $293 million a year ago. Production costs for Disney+ and Hulu are soaring, and Disney wants to make that money back.

The performance is in stark contrast to its main competitors.While Netflix is ​​preparing its own Ad-Driven Programcurrently lost customers — It’s counting on advertising to reward growth, and Disney just wants to profit from it. As bad as the financials may be, Disney+ is in a better position.

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