Despite the concessions made by the United States, Beijing still takes a hard line in the negotiations.

China Request this week Biden Administration Reversing tough policies Beijing Despite the recent concessions made by the United States, it has abandoned federal prosecutions against several Chinese researchers accused of concealing contacts with the country’s military.

During the Tianjin meeting, China, Monday, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman Condemned by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Vice Foreign Minister Xie FengA senior official in charge of US-China relations put forward two lists, demanding that the US change its policy if it wants to improve bilateral relations. These requirements include removing visa restrictions for party officials and stopping the prosecution of a senior executive of Huawei Technologies, which the US government has linked to electronic espionage.

Just a few days before the meeting, Ministry of Justice It was revealed that it is withdrawing the prosecution of five Chinese researchers arrested in the United States because they did not disclose their connection with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army on their visa forms. These prosecutions are part of a radical campaign launched by the department during the Trump administration to stop the alleged widespread technology theft by visiting Chinese researchers in American academic institutions.

At the same time as Monday’s talks, the Chinese army conducted what the official media described as intense military exercises near the Taiwan Strait. The exercise included navy, land and air forces, and the purpose was to intimidate the Taipei authorities.

This week, the tension of the Chinese military continues. Beijing It coincided with the naval strike group led by the British aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth” visiting the South China Sea and conducting military exercises in the South China Sea.

Multiple sclerosis. Sherman Is the highest ranked Biden Administration Diplomat goes China Direct conversation. she Visits are part of the government’s three-pronged policy and are described as pursuing and ChinaAmerican and Chinese officials, including Mr. Wang and Secretary of State Anthony Brinken, met in Alaska in March, which included a fierce public condemnation of the United States by the Chinese.

Before meeting with Ms. Zhang, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang made suggestions. Sherman Think the United States is arrogant and needs a lesson.

“If the United States has not learned how to get along with other countries on an equal footing, then we have a responsibility to cooperate with the international community and give it a good supplementary lesson,” Mr. Wang said on Saturday.

New priorities

Monday’s request reflects the new priorities of the ruling Chinese Communist Party, which appears to have abandoned its friendly relations with the United States in recent months in favor of a tough anti-American policy. According to reports, Mr. Wang told Madam. Sherman The United States must not cross the three red lines: challenge, slander or subvert the Chinese communist system, obstruct ChinaDevelopment, infringement of China’s sovereignty.

“This [Chinese Communist Party] There is almost no incentive to change its aggressive attitude towards the United States,” said SinoInsider newsletter. “Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the United States has always been the party’s number one ideological enemy. [Communist Party’s] The worsening domestic and international political crisis makes it less motivated to perform better at this moment. “

No amount of American concessions can be satisfied ChinaThe ambition to become a global superpower. “If the views of the Biden-Harris administration are contrary to this, they will be naive,” the newsletter said.

Multiple sclerosis. Sherman Said that the talks are “talks that do not expect any specific results.” she Call them a step in trying to solve critical problems.

“We will see if there is actually a follow-up and if we can take another step,” she Tell the Associated Press. “In the early stages of establishing this relationship, we have no way of knowing whether we will reach all the places we want.”

Multiple sclerosis. Sherman Talk about the key points she Include discussion China“Crimes against humanity” involving Uyghurs, Hong Kong’s suppression of democracy, and ChinaUse economic leverage to put pressure on others. she Also asked questions ChinaThe “aggression” in the vicinity of Taiwan, the South China Sea and the East China Sea.

The deputy secretary said she call China Release some detained Americans and Canadians ChinaHostage diplomacy.

China Detained two Canadian citizens and demanded the release of Huawei’s top executive Meng Wanzhou. Meng Wanzhou is fighting extradition from Canada to the United States and is facing accusations that her company has violated international sanctions on trade with Iran.

US officials still see some areas of cooperation between rival powers, including climate issues, anti-drug operations, and regional hot spots such as North Korea, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Multiple sclerosis. Sherman He was a senior official in the Obama administration and participated in the negotiations for the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement that President Trump later denied.

Mr.’s summary XieComment on the lady Sherman Send to reporters Beijing Said Biden’s policy of mixed cooperation and confrontation is “a hidden attempt to contain and suppress China. “

“It seems that a whole-government and whole-society movement is being launched to bring China Come down,” Mr. Xie Tell the deputy secretary.

The State Department briefly described the lady. ShermanThe meeting with Mr. Wang was a “frank and open discussion”—usually the diplomatic norm for rigorous communication.

“The Deputy Secretary of State emphasized that the United States welcomes the fierce competition between our countries-we intend to continue to strengthen our own competitiveness-but we do not seek to conflict with China,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price in a statement Said in. statement.

China requirements

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, madam. Sherman Expressed concern ChinaRefusing to cooperate with the ongoing investigation of the origin of the coronavirus outbreak by the World Health Organization. But it is the Chinese who openly prevail.

When meeting with the lady Sherman, gentlemen. XieDeputy Foreign Minister blames the U.S. treatment for the deadlock in U.S.-China relations China The official media said that this is an “imaginary enemy.”

“Washington has been trying to contain China, Thought it would solve its problems, as if the only way for the United States to become strong again is to contain ChinaDevelopment,” Mr. Xie Said in the speech after the meeting.

The Chinese want the United States to end all visa restrictions, lift sanctions on Chinese officials and companies, and stop the extradition of Meng Wanzhou. Beijing It also hopes that the United States will stop “suppressing” Chinese companies and obstructing Confucius Institutes. Critics claim that these Confucius Institutes have been used as government influence tools.

gentlemen. Xie Also said Beijing want to Biden Administration Remove Chinese propaganda agencies from the list of diplomatic missions abroad.

After withdrawing the prosecution against Chinese researchers, Ministry of Justice There was no explanation in court documents last week as to why it would not bring visa fraud and other charges against researchers in California and India. Tang Juan, a scientist working at the University of California, Davis, was originally scheduled to be tried on Monday on charges of visa fraud, but due to concerns about the validity of the charges and the failure of FBI agents to notify her of her rights, the case was dropped and she opposed self-evidence in the interview. Its sin.

Ms. Tang and another Chinese researcher, Wang Xin, were arrested in July 2020 when their past military relations were revealed and they did not report on the visa form as required. Ms. Tang fled to the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco before being arrested.

These allegations led to the closure of the Chinese Consulate in Houston, which US officials said was used for large-scale intelligence collection, including for medical research.A sort of Ministry of Justice A spokesperson could not be reached for comment.

Justice Department spokesperson Win Hornbacker told The Wall Street Journal that unspecified “recent developments” prompted prosecutors to reassess these cases.

“We have determined that it is in the interests of justice to dismiss them now,” he said, but he added that the department will continue to give priority to the Chinese government’s threat to American research.

Critics believe that the withdrawal of criminal cases indicates that the government may be abandoning radical policies. Ministry of Justice In pursuit of Chinese technology theft.

George W. Bush’s Pentagon China policy maker Joe Bosco said that Biden’s policy of seeking cooperation and confrontation will not work.

BeijingNews, reiterate Sherman, Clear: ChinaIn an article published by The Hill recently, Mr. Bosco said that the authoritarian policy of the United States will remain unchanged, and that the United States must abandon its interests and ideals—that is, it will no longer be the United States. “The challenge of survival couldn’t be tougher, now it’s Biden AdministrationThe responsibility to take on it is more consistent than so far. “

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