Derek Lunsford hopes the change will help him win the 212 Olympia Championship

Derek Lunsford, a rising star in Division 212, seems to be on the fast track to legendary status.He went from winning the 2017 U.S. Championship to First in Tampa Pro Six days later. A few weeks later, he continued to rank fifth after Olympia. Subsequently, he won the runner-up in the competition. Olympia to Flex Lewis in 2018 Then retired gracefully from that department.

With this success early in his career, 2019 almost seems to be the coronation of the native of Indiana, who now calls Florida his home. Kamal Elgargni ruined that moment by making Lunsford uneasy and winning Olympia, relegating Lunsford to second. In this week’s episode of The Menace Podcast, he shared with Dennis James how the loss hurt him. He now also knows a reason for how things will develop.

“The ability to win is there, but I was too much in all the hype,” he admitted. “I’m in my mind.”

Although he hoped to rebound and win last year, Sean Clarida caught everyone off guard and won the championship that year. Lunsford ranked fourth. At this moment, he knew it was time to make a change.

“I said to myself, “I think it’s time for me to learn from others. Get a different perspective, get a different perspective, a man who has coached other Olympia champions. ‘”

He found the coach he thought was the most perfect Hanni LamboldLambold has coached many elite athletes, including Olympian champion Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Nicole Wilkins. Derek Lunsford shared with James that he knew this meant he had to raise his standards.

“Being with a new and competent person makes me strengthen my game even more and want to do it (to win).”

In this week’s TMP show, Lunsford talked more about the changes he and Lambold are making, his views on other 212 stars, including Clarida, and how his mother follows His footsteps made his debut on stage. The full episode of TMP is in Muscle and Fitness YouTube Channel, The episode airs every Sunday at 3 pm Eastern Time.


0:45-Derek before bodybuilding

3:20 – Entering bodybuilding

8:36-Leaving and missing wrestling

9:47-DJ breakdancing before bodybuilding

12:11-Derek’s mother participates in the game

15:29 – 2017: Amateur to Olympia

22:06-Are you ready to meet the hype at the time?

27:38 – 2018 and 2019 Olympia

30:22 – 2020


39:15 – 212 Is it still open?

44:39 – 2021 game plan and adjustment

48:17-What needs improvement

49:28-Fan support and perception

57:24-Go to Las Vegas to see Flex Lewis

59:45 – 212 segment evaluation

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