Deloitte and NYDIG Form Alliance to Help Businesses Adopt Bitcoin

Professional Services Giant Deloitte Getting Serious About Bitcoin (bitcoin) to develop a major move to boost BTC adoption amid continued market downturns.

Deloitte has partnered with Bitcoin-focused financial services firm New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) to help companies of all sizes implement digital assets.

According to a June 21 joint announcement, NYDIG and Deloitte are launching a strategic alliance to create Clients seek advice on a centralized approach to Bitcoin products and services.

The two companies will work together to implement blockchain and digital asset-based services in multiple areas involving bitcoin-related products, including banking, loyalty and rewards programs, employee benefits, and more.

According to the announcement, global financial institutions and banks have been facing a growing need to provide trusted exposure to Bitcoin. The alliance between Deloitte and NYDIG is designed to help accelerate adoption while ensuring compliance, said Richard Rosenthal, head of Deloitte’s Digital Asset Banking Regulation practice, adding:

“The future of financial services will be centered on the use of digital assets, and we are focused on advising clients on how to engage in a regulated and compliant manner.”

The news comes months after NYDIG introduced a benefits program that allows employees Convert part of their salary to Bitcoin February 2022.The company previously $1 billion raised Equity investments at the end of 2021, valuing NYDIG at about $7 billion.

As one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, Deloitte has become increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in recent years, and actively explores the role of digital assets such as Bitcoin in the global economy.

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In June, Deloitte released a survey that found 75% of U.S. retailers plan Accept cryptocurrency or stablecoin payments within the next two years.Deloitte published another study in March that highlighted Bitcoin as a base Create a cheaper and faster ecosystem for electronic fiat currencies or central bank digital currencies.