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Defi Kingdoms is a blockchain game based on Metaverse. Due to the promotion of Metaverse project in the market, its activities are increasing. According to Dappradar, the level of activity in the game has risen sharply. This is also accompanied by the increase in the price of its native token JEWEL, which is issued on the Harmony blockchain, and the token has reached an all-time high (ATH) level in the horizontal market.

Defi Kingdoms grows among peers

Defi Kingdoms is a game earning (P2E) game inspired by metaverse elements, which includes non-fungible tokens (NFT) as part of its structure. Pay attention to the hype.according to data Data from the decentralized finance (defi) activity tracker Dappradar shows that the number of users of Defi Kingdoms has increased by more than 300% in the last month. In addition, the number of transactions on the network more than doubled at the same time to 7.32 million.

The game also includes purely decentralized financial activities that users can use without playing, such as mortgage and liquidity mining, and the value of its native token, JEWEL, has also increased.Token price move With the general downturn in the cryptocurrency market, the value of ATH today has exceeded the $20 mark.

The rise of decentralized games

According to Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix, solve The subject of a letter, last year was the year of NFT and Yuan Festival.Although small companies have been creating projects inspired by these concepts before, last year was when the industry started smoke funds In a more substantial way.Therefore, projects like this Decentralized Paradise and SandboxWhat has been established has already benefited from this promotion.

Axis unlimited became One of the most played decentralized games this year, because its game earning mechanism attracts people like Philippine And Venezuela, they believe that playing these games is higher than doing normal work in their own country.

Because of this success, traditional game companies (such as Square Enix and Ubisoft) Is now trying to introduce these elements into their game ecosystem, proposing to create a token economy and market so that these universes can be self-sustaining in the future. However, the AAA game company has not yet released part of the main franchise integrating NFT.

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