Decentralized social media and data storage protocol

Web3 promises to free us from the dominance of the Web2 generation of centralized large-scale enterprises and open up a large number of decentralized point-to-point use cases that leverage the potential of the Internet of Value.

Although the adoption of Web3 so far has mainly revolved around DeFi, NFT, and recently GameFi, as SocialFi may become the next big event, the decentralization of social media and data storage has matured.

Build a decentralized Reddit and data portal for Web3 applications

My message It is the world’s first decentralized Reddit-like social media and data storage platform that supports the evolving Web3 applications, including thread reply bulletin boards, messaging dApps, developer tools, SDKs, and encrypted data portals.

The myMessage data storage and messaging dApp solution was originally built on the Zilliqa blockchain, using its speed, throughput, and low-cost decentralized network to meet demand. Then there will be further interoperable multi-chain integration between Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Decentralized messaging dApps and thread response bulletin boards similar to Reddit will be built on Polygon’s scalable layer 2 blockchain technology. Polygon Development Grant.

Overcome the problems of centralized social media and data storage

The centralization of mainstream data storage and social media is an important pain point, leading to censorship, privacy abuse, and security breaches. Economic imbalances are very beneficial to the platform.

myMessage’s solution is to use decentralized social media to permanently store data and content encrypted by AES256 on a blockchain with anti-quantum attack security. The data stored on the blockchain is immutable, transparent, time-stamped, and due to its decentralized nature, there is no risk of hackers, tampering, or loss. The tokenization of value on the blockchain also provides a medium for incentives to return exclusive rights and profits to users.

Data storage and messaging dApp

Compared to centralized cloud storage solutions with high annual contract costs, the cost of myMessage per message is only about $0.10, depending on its size. This is achieved through a smart contract on one of the networks supported by myMessage and a front-end application interacting with it. The user types in a message or attaches a file, encrypts it if necessary, sends it to the network, and pays the corresponding fee in native MESA tokens. Then they can view or retrieve their information at any time for free.

Since almost any number can be safely stored on the blockchain, myMessage opens up multiple use cases, including encrypted messages for private information, verifiable legal documents, NFT artwork and other intellectual property, encryption, patents or Digital asset storage.

Reddit-like bulletin boards and social agriculture

Thread reply bulletin boards like Reddit will serve as a bridge for users to communicate, encrypt threads, and transmit data in a decentralized manner, restoring their rights, control, and value of data generated through online social interaction.

All users can connect to their Web3 wallet to access the myMessage bulletin board. It protects privacy because all users can access data without the risk of being exposed or tracked.

Users can also enjoy agricultural rewards by socializing on the platform, and can pay native MESA tokens to start private threads, post replies, comments or likes. When they see good replies and comments, they can also use MESA tokens to remind other users.

MESA token utility

In addition to being used as a payment medium for fees, tips, and social agricultural rewards, MESA is also used for governance, mortgages, and deflationary buybacks, with a total supply cap of 5 trillion tokens.

MESA holders can participate in DAO proposals and vote on the future development direction of the platform. Pledgers receive pledge rewards for providing liquidity, and part of the platform income will also be used for MESA repurchase and destruction.

What’s next?

The MESA public sale, token issuance and DEX listing are expected to take place at the end of this year, while providing pledge services, top CEX listings and Avalanche integration.

Then, the 2022 roadmap will provide multi-chain integration with BSC and Polygon, which is a mobile app version, and developer tools before the mainnet is fully launched.

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