Decentralized finance and traditional finance tried to destroy each other, but failed

2022 has arrived, and despite decades of menacing predictions by crypto enthusiasts, banks and the traditional banking system are here to stay.The only ending that happens – a new 2.0 Roadmap Released by Vitalik Buterin late last year.

While the crypto industry is better off with this roadmap, 2021 has shown us that crypto is not disrupting or harming central banks in the same way that traditional banking did not kill crypto. why?

Alex Axelrod is the founder and CEO of Aximetria and Pay Reverse. He is also a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in leading technology roles. He used to be the big data director of the R&D center of JSFC AFK Systems. Prior to this role, Alex worked at Mobile TeleSystems, Russia’s largest telecommunications provider, where he was responsible for the development of anti-fraud and cybersecurity systems.