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In the Metafest hosted by the real estate company Jamestown and the crypto investment company Digital Currency Group (DCG) in Decentraland, there is a New Year’s Eve Carnival called Metafest 2022 Global Party. According to the announcement, Jamestown, owner of One Times Square, will rebuild an iconic location in Decentraland for the 2022 drop-off event.

NYE meets Metaverse

The Decentraland metaverse will hold a New Year’s Eve ball drop celebration, hosted by real estate companies Jamestown and Digital Currency Group (DCG). According to the announcement, DCG is one of the largest landowners in Decentraland, and Jamestown owns the famous Times Square. Simon Koster, director of real estate at DCG, explained how the digital world merges with the real world.

Metaverse NYE Party: Decentraland reappears in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Paris Hilton as DJ in Roblox

“Meta Universe is developing rapidly, bringing together the most interesting and fascinating parts of our favorite parts of the world,” Koster commented in the announcement. “From destinations to games, education, retail, etc., we can expect Metaverse to completely change our current online experience.” DCG executives further added:

This event highlighted how virtual activities are closely integrated with real activities, and strive to bring a once-in-a-lifetime experience to many people who would otherwise not be able to participate.

Virtual Times Square One features entertainment performances, rooftop VIP lounges, and live broadcasts from New York

Jamestown President Michael Phillips agrees. He believes that the future of real estate is “a deliberate integration of virtual and physical worlds, optimized for user experience.” According to the announcement, Decentraland’s virtual Times Square will be located in districts -106 and -119. The party will feature music and entertainment, including a “rooftop VIP lounge.”

There will also be a live broadcast of the real-world Times Square ball drop celebration in New York. “Metacosm is an important part of the development of real estate and the built environment,” Phillips added. “Although physical real estate is largely limited to people who are geographically close, Metaverse can allow people from all over the world to enter various places meaningfully through immersive virtual experiences.” Phillips continued:

Rebuilding Times Square in the Decentraland metaverse is part of a larger digital asset strategy that aims to develop and enhance our physical real estate for Web 3.0 and open up new ways for our assets to exist in multiple metaverses in the future.

Socialite Paris Hilton will DJ electronic music on Roblox Metaverse’s NYE

DCG, Decentraland and Jamestown are not the only ones hosting the New Year’s Eve (NYE) carnival.Paris Hilton is Plan to play NYE played a group of electronic music called “Paris World” on her virtual Roblox island.

Metaverse NYE Party: Decentraland reappears in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Paris Hilton as DJ in Roblox

Hilton said in a statement: “For me, in the metaverse, you can do everything you can do in real life in the digital world.” The socialite and entrepreneur added:

Not everyone can experience this, so this is what we have been working on for the past year-to give them all the inspiration for what I want in that world.

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