Deanna Daughtry denies homicide speculation about her daughter’s death

There is very little public information about her death and Deanna Daughtry Go to her Instagram account Write “We say that the news that our daughter’s death is being investigated as a homicide is circulating everywhere is false!”

“We have not been told, and we have never said this to anyone!” she wrote. “The day Hannah was discovered, I shared some of my concerns with some people I know and said that we would not be sure about anything until they completed the investigation. Someone ran away with it, or they talked to other people, Then make a hypothesis and run to the media with it.”

Daughtry went on to add: “None of us can jump to conclusions.”

“I lost my child, and I still have to deal with rumors and assumptions about her now,” the headline reads. “The people who love her are in pain, we are mourning that they did not talk to the media, they did not spread rumors, and they absolutely did not say this to themselves. So everyone please stop!”

She asked people to allow the investigation to proceed and thanked those who have been supporting it.

Dotri wrote: “For the beautiful human beings who have sent us prayers, love and kindness during this time, we thank you.” “We cannot contact you alone because I believe you understand, but please know that we thank you like People like you.”

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