Daughter debunks rumors of Victor Richards’ death

Less than a week later The tragic death of Sean Rodden in Olympia in 2018According to reports, another well-known figure in bodybuilding has passed away.Victor Richards was a hot competitor in the early 1990s and is considered one of the earliest competitors The big monster in bodybuilding, Rumored to have died at the age of 56. However, after countless bodybuilders and fans paid their respects, the report proved to be wrong.

Richards’ daughter, who was not named for privacy purposes, issued a statement saying that her father is still alive and well.Although everyone is happy to see this statement, Richards himself has never been His Facebook page, He has been active there in recent years.

Like one of his idols, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richards entered the bodybuilding world as a teenager and won 1982 America’s Cup. Ten years later, he won his professional card at the 1992 Nigeria National Championship.

Because of his physique and his attention as an amateur, Richards was considered a direct threat to the then Olympia Dorian Yates to win the British title. According to reports, he participated in photo shoots and guest appearances, and reportedly weighed about 300 pounds, which would only increase the hype he brought to the sport. However, this potential was never realized because Richards quietly and mysteriously left the sport completely. He has never formally participated in any professional competition as a participant. His disappearance from the sport at that time was as mysterious as death rumors, that is, he became the subject of the present nearly 20 years later.

renew: On November 14, Victor Richards made a statement on Facebook saying that he was actually alive, breaking his dramatic silence. He also revealed that he and his young son are on vacation and cannot access social media or mobile phones. Part of Richards’s statement is as follows.

“My dear brothers and family, I want you to know that I am very good and healthy. I have never been as healthy as I am today.

I apologize for the pain and heartache caused by the enemy’s poisonous tongue. I did not deliberately make you suspense, but took my 6-year-old boy to spend a week with me, and agreed with him in advance some interesting activities, I will never allow slander, obstruction, destruction and death disturbance Our peace. Thank God, the enemy is incapable of disturbing our space and peace, because we were able to complete all the planned activities, including staying on the coast, visiting the aquarium and participating in his basketball game today. During this period, staying away from social media and phone calls is extremely important to our spirit and sanity. “

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