DAO publishes Jodorowsky’s Dune manuscript to the public: members won a bid of 3 million US dollars

Under the leadership of the Constitution DAO, a company named Dune DAO Went to the fabulous copy of the dune manuscript by Frank Herbert and Alejandro Chodolski, many people wanted and few saw. A plot almost as interesting as the saga of taking over the Christie’s auction, where DAO won the final bid, but with a twist.

Just a few days after ConstitutionDAO made history, more than 46 million US dollars were crowdfunded to try to buy rare prints of the U.S. Constitution. Other groups are following their steps to purchase valuables, hoping to make them available to the public.

This time, DuneDAO’s goal is to bid for a copy of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Dune” manuscript at the Christie’s auction. They hoped to donate a total of US$500,000, which actually reached US$700,000. Although the final price was much higher, they still managed to secure it.

Christie’s estimated the manuscript at 25,000 euros (28,100 US dollars) to 35,000 euros (39,345 US dollars), but it sold for more than 3 million US dollars.They admit that they failed to recognize Latest movie Based on Sand Dune, report protector.

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The group stated before the auction:

Dune DAO intends to crowdfund the purchase, and then jointly explore options to save the manuscript digitally and open it to the public for the first time, such as through public viewing and digital lending (within the scope permitted by law).

Since distribution rights were not granted at the time of purchase, DuneDAO must carefully investigate legal channels to provide this copy.

The organization uses the same platform as ConstitutionDAO, and contributions are “processed through JuiceBox”. Each contributor receives governance tokens ($SPICE) based on the donated amount. The $SPICE token allows everyone to vote in future money and manuscripts. This does not mean the division of ownership.

Why Dune Dao wants $SPICE

In short, Zodulowski did compare Herbert’s original novel with Proust.

As explained in the documentary by Frank Pavich Sand dunes of Zodulovski, This is one of the most ambitious projects in film history, but it never worked because they lacked $5 million to meet the total budget of $15 million.

However, its manuscript records the dream behind a 15-hour future movie, which set a milestone and allegedly inspired the following of many famous movies-such as Star Wars, Aliens, and Blade Runner.

It showcases the artworks of several of the most famous artists of the time, including the story board with more than 3,000 illustrations by Jean “Moebius” Giraud, the concept art by HR Giger, and the design of the Chris Foss starship. Pink Floyd will contribute to the soundtrack.

Orson Wells will play “The Baron Harkonnen” and the “Emperor” of Salvador Dali. Ambitious ideas continued to emerge, explaining why the budget was not met, and also explaining what made fans call the “Dune Bible” a mythical sci-fi object.

What happened at the auction

Based on the previously estimated price Christie’s and DuneDAO believe that they will ensure that the auction raises more than $750,000. However, as the price rose, a core member himself gave the remaining money, about 2.3 million U.S. dollars.

According to reports, just three years ago, another book sold for approximately US$42,500.Apart from Christie’s Claiming an accidental increase of 50 times, a Twitter user claimed that another bidder “openly let their highest price drop.” The organization stated that the winning bid for the manuscript was US$2.4 million, plus 20% of Christie’s auction fees, plus 5.5% of value-added tax, for a total of US$3,160,062.

“I just want people to experience it,” said The core members who contributed the winning amount. Now, the money will be raised and repaid so that the DAO can obtain a copy. they are”Figure out how to solve the maze of legal issues before paying back the money.”

DuneDAO has 30 days to settle the payment, and they hope this will have time to discuss and vote on future plans for the physical object. Taking into account the additional costs of storage, maintenance fees, digitization, etc., they have now increased the target to 4,200,000 US dollars.

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