Danny Boyle details the James Bond movie he never made

James Bond is behind the window.

screenshot: YouTube

Back in 2018, Director Danny Boyle was scheduled to 25th James Bond Filming with his screenwriting partner John Hodge. After some creative disagreements, the filmmakers left the project, this will continue to be no time to die and Daniel Craig’s final Bow like Bond. Now we know what attitude Boyle never had with this team.

In a recent interview British gentlemanBoyle disclosed the contents of his 007 photo. “strangeness–It’s going to be hot right now-It all happened in Russia, which is of course where Bond came from during the Cold War,‘ said Boyle. “It’s set in today’s Russia, back to where he came from, and they just lost, what to say… they just lost faith in it. It’s a real shame.”

his Boyle says leaving because he won’t to make such a movie challenge franchise, note “They want you to give it a new look.” Aask him if he will Dealing with a massive IP like Bond, the director known for his multi-genre crossover films 28 days later, trainspotting, and yesterday Reply: “I don’t think so… I learned my lesson, I am not eliminated [for franchises], otherwise you’re digging in the same hole. I’d better not be in a mainstream franchise movie, that’s the honest answer. I learned a lot about myself from Bond, I work with writers, and I’m not ready to break up. “

Despite not seeing himself in the spy serieshe does throw out suggestions for actors he thinks are acceptable 007 role: Batman Star Robert Pattinson “Will be a great Bond,” and also especially Esidu From I might destroy you.

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