DailyCoin’s top 9 crypto games and Metaverse by number of users in December

The top 9 crypto games and Metaverse by number of users in December

Blockchain games have been on the rise this year. A large number of great projects have emerged across the industry, and existing projects have received additional support and expanded the player base. The field of encrypted games is undergoing tremendous changes, and its evolution is obvious to all. As 2021 draws to a close, let’s see what the trend is.

#9 Galaxy Block Monthly Player – 134K

Galaxy Block is like reliable Tetris, but on the blockchain. What else can you say about a classic game that represents the world with one hand? The version of Galaxy Block has made some changes to the gameplay, most likely due to copyright issues.

Generally speaking, games are part of the ThunderCore ecosystem, which is a dApp, covering encrypted games, NFT collection, DeFi, mining, and even analysis. The token of the ecosystem is called ThunderCore (TT).

#8 Arc8 by GAMEE Monthly Player – 137K

Arc8 is a mobile gaming platform under GAMEE, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, dedicated to the blockchain. The application can be used on two popular mobile platforms; Android and iOS.

The game choices available in Arc8 include variations of marble, card and cube games. One of the most interesting mini-games mixes Tetris with Sudoku and officially licensed “asteroids” from the Atari 2600 system. The platform allows users to earn GMEE tokens by playing mini games.

#7 MOBOX Monthly Players – 149K

MOBOX is an encrypted multiverse with cartoon blocks as the main role. Of course, all characters are NFTs and can be purchased on the local market and OpenSea.

Although its main multiverse, MOland, has not yet been launched, players can already try out their characters in the battle arena “Block Brawler”. The game runs through the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and is very similar to Aavegotchi in terms of mechanism and multiverse concept.

While waiting for the MOBOX multiverse, check out a similar project here:

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#6 Upland Player of the Month – 179K

The concept of this game is “the monopoly of the real world”. The highlands include most cities in the world and are full of property. After acquiring a piece of land, you can choose what can be built there, which can be a club, cafe or any other social center, and then others can use it to generate income.

By purchasing properties in different regions, you can complete the collection and get rewards. The developers also promised that there will be more mechanisms in the near future.

#5 Bomb Crypto Players of the Month – 195K

Bomb Crypto is my personal favorite. This is the modern reincarnation of the classic “Bomberman” fan favorite, except on the blockchain. Gameplay is a standard game of this type, but you can play with real characters. In addition, the developers have added many new mechanisms, such as missions, adventures, arena battles, tournaments, hero upgrades, and can even buy and decorate houses for your characters.

Bomb Crypto has a lovely pixel graphics style, taking you back to the era of 8-bit and 16-bit games. The multiverse of the game is called “Bomberland” and its token is $BCOIN.

#4 CryptoMines monthly users – 300,000

CryptoMines is a cosmic role-playing game based on the science fiction multiverse background. The game provides players with the opportunity to explore the world, discover new planets and mine cryptocurrency. First, you need to buy or obtain the spaceship NFT and pay the staff for their in-game services.

The game runs on Unity, a cross-platform game engine, but supports the ERC-721 token standard, which can be exchanged between most wallets. The currency of the game is called $ETERNAL.

#3 Splinterlands Monthly Player – 600K

Splinterlands is basically Hearthstone on the blockchain, a digital collectible card game (DCCG). Except for numbers, the concept is similar to Pokémon cards.

In Splinterlands, all cards are NFTs, so these collectibles are very practical, not the way Bored Apes or CryptoPunks work. The gameplay is divided into three parts: combat, trading cards, participating in competitions, and missions. Players can also rent cards from other players or rent cards from other players. Each card collection has 4 rarities, 7 statistics, and belongs to one of 7 factions. Currently, a character can have about 50 abilities.

#2 Monthly Player – 865K

Axie Infinity has become the hottest crypto game in 2021, so I don’t think it needs much introduction anymore. In short, it is a virtual pet role-playing game, similar to Pokémon.

I want to draw attention to the fact that developers are not simply satisfied with their laurels, even if they have achieved all their success. We already have game mechanics such as breeding, land ownership and arenas, and now the developers are even developing Axie Infinity Battle V2, which will become the advanced version of the basic game, upgrade!

In the meantime, check this article to learn more about Axie Infinity:

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#1 Alien Worlds monthly players – 1.5 million

The concept of Alien Worlds is similar to Splinterlands, but has a cosmic background rather than a highly fantasy world. As mentioned earlier, “Alien World” is also a digital collectible card game. Each game card is an NFT, and there are several types of cards: land, tools, minions, weapons, avatars, and missions. The developer also promised to provide an additional card type for future updates: commemorative cards. The game is based on Trilium (TLM), which is a cross-chain ERC-20 / BEP-20 / WAX alternative token.

Conclusion It’s no surprise that the most played crypto games are pets and card collectibles. These types are easiest to develop rapidly, which means that they are the first to appear in the blockchain game industry. Naturally, these top-ranked games quickly attracted audiences.

On the other hand, we now see that many blockchain games focus on more interesting gameplay, while also adopting entertaining P2E functions. Let us hope that 2022 will be the year when encrypted game mechanisms begin to benefit from blockchain technology in a more diverse way.

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