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Press release. Cryptostone, a truly anonymous, KYC-free blockchain financial ecosystem, has announced a token sale date for the CPS token. After a successful pre-sale round that raised over $2 million from thousands of followers, the token’s public sale will begin on June 30, 2022. The project is creating the next evolution of blockchain, a world where cross-border payments, SME fundraising and crypto transactions will work the way they should. An important outcome for Cryptostone (token: CPS, on Binance Smart Chain) will be fairness, inclusion and justice.

Cryptostone aims to address some of the major flaws in today’s blockchains. True decentralization has not yet been achieved, and the ideal scenario of a true democratic society is far from the realization of government control over currency and restrictions on cross-border payments. Cryptostone has been created to address these issues with a number of services.

Cryptostone will provide five main services: an anonymous encrypted payment gateway, a centralized exchange, an ICO launchpad, a decentralized global stock market for security tokens, and native tokens (CPS). The project has been listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Airdrops are underway to earn free CPS by referring family and friends.

With our KYC-free platform, no one has to reveal their identity, which makes global payments easier. In addition to crypto payment platforms, merchants will gain access to liquidity through new revenue streams and easy financing. Cryptostone is more than a payment gateway.It is the gateway to the future of crypto payments and the blockchain itself,” a spokesman said.

In theory, Cryptostone endorses the crypto-anarchist agenda of ending centralized decision-making through its consensus mechanism. None of these three government agencies, banks, and stock markets are natural or fundamental, nor is government control over money. Cryptostone aims to harness the full power of a decentralized blockchain, and the original blueprint for cross-border transactions by anonymous participants.

The beneficiaries of Cryptostone represent a significant percentage of the world’s workers and unbanked people (over 2 billion). These include businessmen, foreign workers, travelers, freelancers, remote workers, and more. In particular, SMEs and teleshopping users will appreciate its non-KYC based features.

Today’s blockchain is far from what it should be, tied to regulations by various groups or governments. Cryptocurrencies have been reduced to assets like gold and silver rather than what they were — ushering in a new order of democratic freedom free from monopolies and restrictions. Cryptostone aims to unravel the shackles of blockchain and become a corrective force for these challenges,” a spokesman said.

Cryptostone utilizes Proof of Importance to build consensus, where pledges and the duration of pledges are calculated. The sectors initially identified that could leverage the ecosystem are DeFi, healthtech, agtech, distributed storage, IoT, and authentication. For SMEs, it offers a new, cheaper payment method, cheaper cloud storage, smart contracts, financing opportunities and salaries paid in cryptocurrency.

CPS Coin has gone through multiple pre-sale stages and will soon have an ICO. Sales activities include bounty programs, airdrops, social media and forums, affiliate programs, and digital marketing campaigns, among others.

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