Cryptocurrency exchange BitMart loses $196 million due to hackers

Large-scale cryptocurrency robbery Still a major headache. according to arrive Coindesk, Cryptocurrency exchange BitMart Lost The equivalent of a hacking attack of US$196 million (originally estimated to be US$150 million). The intruder started a large number of transfers at around 2:30 pm Eastern time on December 4th. The intruder destroyed the Ethereum and Binance wallets, and then two hours later, the outflow of tokens including Shiba and USDC.

The founder, Chardon Xia, stated that only a “small part” of BitMart’s assets is at risk. Even so, the company has frozen withdrawals “until further notice” and is reviewing security.

It is not clear who is responsible, but the culprit may be the knowledge that the stolen funds have been sent to the Ethereum hybrid service, which may make tracking the funds difficult. Encryption thieves are not always so savvy. For example, Poly Network attackers offered to “surrender” and eventually returned all the spoils. They claim that they have contributed to Poly’s security, but this may also be to avoid impact after researchers have obtained potential identification data.

Although this is not the largest digital robbery (for example, Poly attackers plundered $610 million), Coindesk Note that this is one of the larger centralized exchange hackers to date. It also highlights the growing problem of cryptocurrency theft-the technology makes it very feasible to steal large sums of money with little impact.

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