Crypto Donations Provide Ukrainian Military With ATVs And Gas Masks

Amid the ongoing war with Russia, Ukrainian officials have used funds from a government-launched cryptocurrency donation platform to buy supplies for the country’s military.

In a tweet on Friday, Ukraine’s digital transformation minister Mikhailo Fedorov announced that the country has Buy Five all-terrain vehicles, “will come in handy in challenging environments” – possibly referring to situations near the Russian front, or where roads are damaged or destroyed. Funding for three ATVs comes from a government platform “Aid to Ukraine” Launched in March Accept cryptocurrency donations “to support people’s fight for freedom.”

At the time of publication, aid to Ukraine has reportedly raised over $60 million in Bitcoin (bitcoin), ether (Ethereum), Tether (USDT), Polkadot’s pointSolana Sol and dollar coins (USD/USD).Fedorov report On Wednesday, the government has used some of the funding to provide 5,000 gas masks to state border troops and the military.aid to Ukraine Buy More than 5,000 “optical and thermal imaging devices” have been supplied to the nation’s military since the beginning of the war; tablet aim Helping Ukrainians fleeing the country find shelter and assistance; bulletproof vests; medical supplies; cars; and clothing

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Since the start of the Russian military invasion in February, the Ukrainian government has repeatedly turned to the crypto space as a solution to receiving funds from interested parties.Fedorov announced in April that the government would accept contributions to the war effort Sold as non-fungible tokens or NFTs to “contribute to the victory of Ukraine”, it recently roll out A charity NFT collection featuring work from Ukrainian video game developers and digital artists.