‘Crying CEO’ says he loves his employees — even those he fires

There’s a new way to deal with the guilt of firing employees — LinkedIn posts let your network know you’re miserable about it.

Braden Wallake, CEO of a Columbus, Ohio-based marketing agency called HyperSocial, wrote a guilt-filled post Tuesday about firing employees, ending with a tearful selfie Finish. He declared himself a “crying CEO” after the post went viral.

Wallack’s original post Has over 30,000 likes and 5,300 comments. In the letter, he said he loved all his employees, acknowledged how his own decision led to the firing, and said it was the “hardest thing” he’d ever done.

“On a day like today, I wish I was a money-driven business owner and didn’t care who he hurt along the way. But I’m not,” Walleck, 32, wrote.

Comments criticized Walleck’s post, calling it a PR stunt and saying he was seeking sympathy. Some expressed support for the move and suggested he should not fall victim to “cancel culture”.

“There’s a lot of opposition, but there’s also a lot of support,” Walleck said in a phone interview. “What no one sees is all the immediate information that this has started, the CEO reaching out and saying they’re in similar places. To me, that’s what matters.”

Wallake’s company, HyperSocial, is very focused on developing LinkedIn marketing and outreach strategies for clients. The company is small; it has 15 employees, 2 fewer than before the layoffs.Wallace is a variety of influencers with over 30,000 followers Microsoft Company-owned social network for professionals.

To put the debate to rest, Walleck wrote a follow up post Seek help Wednesday for people in need of work. “What I want to do now is try to improve the situation and start a thread for people looking for jobs,” he wrote. “I don’t feel sorry for the post. But I at least want to use that post for the benefit of others who may need it. people.”

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