Conservative MP suspended over assault charges

Crispincher, the former Tory deputy chief whip who was accused of drunkenly assaulting two men at a private membership club, was suspended by the UK Conservative Party on Friday pending an investigation.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been forced to remove the party whip from close ally Pincher following a day of mounting pressure from senior Tory MPs and opposition MPs over an incident at the Carlton Club in central London on Wednesday Allegedly with the party.

A spokesman for Conservative chief whip Chris Heaton-Harris said Pincher had been suspended after he lodged a complaint about his conduct with Parliament’s Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS).

The allegations will now be investigated independently of the Conservative Party. ICGS can recommend further action for any MP.

clamp resign from government “embarrassed myself and others” after admitting to drinking “too much” on Thursday night.

Johnson initially refused to suspend Pincher after his allies suggested he “did the right thing” by admitting wrongdoing and stepping down as deputy chief whip.

But two senior Conservative MPs called for Pinch to be suspended. Caroline Knox, chair of the House of Commons Women and Equality Select Committee, and Karen Bradley, chair of the House of Commons Procedures Committee, have called for a “zero tolerance policy” on sexual misconduct.

In a letter to Heaton-Harris, MPs called for a “thorough investigation”, adding: “Anyone subject to such an investigation should not be allowed to serve as a Conservative MP and represent the party in any capacity.”

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner said the prime minister was “kicked and screamed for any action”. She added Johnson: “Can’t believe he’s going to do the right thing. The whole scandal further demonstrates his appalling judgment.”

Senior Conservatives also criticised the prime minister for failing to act decisively against Pincher earlier. “Boris is once again trying to protect a close ally of his from an indefensible attack. It’s clear to everyone that once he resigns from the whip office, he should be suspended,” a minister said.

If the investigation results in Pincher being suspended from the House of Commons, he could face a recall petition, triggering his by-election in the Staffordshire constituency of Tamworth, where he won 19,634 votes with Labour in the 2019 election majority of seats. At least 10% of voters need to sign the petition to vote.

Pincher’s suspension comes on the heels of a string of so-called vile allegations that have undermined Johnson’s government in recent months. Neil Parish He was forced to resign as MP for Tiverton and Honeyton in April after admitting to viewing pornography in the House of Commons.

On Friday, the diocese criticized the party for “double standards” after it failed to immediately remove the whip from Pincher.

Conservative MP for Wakefield, Imran Ahmed Khanwas convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage boy in May and was forced to resign.

The party lost two subsequent by-elections due to backlash from voters.

Pincher was named deputy chief whip this year as part of an effort to cement Johnson’s position as prime minister, a key part of avoiding leadership challenges.

According to The Sun, which first broke the news, Pincher allegedly assaulted two guests after drinking heavily on Wednesday night.

The 52-year-old was previously forced to resign as assistant whip in 2017 after a former Conservative candidate claimed he had made unnecessary progress. Pincher was cleared of wrongdoing after a party investigation and rejoined the government led by Theresa May in 2018 as deputy chief whip.

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