Colton Underwood and boyfriend Jordan C. Brown officially post on Instagram

Once a “bachelor” star, Currently In Netflix’s “Coming Out Colton”, about his come out To commemorate the 39th birthday of his boyfriend Jordan C. Brown, Instagram officially released. Brown is a political strategist.

In his story, Underwood posted a picture of the two who looked very happy, and wrote: “Happy birthday, my beloved dog…a family.”

Although Underwood discussed his past relationship with “The Bachelor” player Casi Randolph, this relationship did not appear in “Colton Out of the Closet.”

“I thought I found someone who could change me,” Underwood said in the series. “After breaking up with Cassie, the situation was very bad. I fell to the bottom. I ate a lot of Xanax and I didn’t expect I would wake up the next morning. I did it, and it was really bad.”

After the breakup, Randolph applied for a restraining order, claiming that he was stalking and harassing her. Later she gave up and Underwood apologized publicly.

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