Color skiing: can snow sports become more inclusive? | TV show

Monday, December 6 at 19:30 GMT:
Although several athletes have broken the skin color barrier, skiing is still as white as snow. Please forgive the pun. But now more and more ski enthusiasts want to make ski resorts more inclusive.

Including artists and snowboarders Lamont Joseph White, Its exhibition “Color Skiing” challenges the lack of diversity on the slopes.his Series debut Last December in Park City, Utah.

In Europe, a group of black skiers-Wenona Barnieh, Simisola Oke, Adeola Omotode, Tobi Adegboye and Blessing Ekairia-have launched Montenegro, A tourism community dedicated to expanding inclusiveness.

Now, a new documentary, ‘this method’ It also helps to promote diversified information. Produced by outdoor apparel giant The North Face, this short film enhances the achievements of people of color, women and adaptive athletes.

In this episode of The Stream, we discussed the lack of diversity in skiing with those who are pushing for change and asked what is needed to make it more inclusive.

In this episode of The Stream, we talked with the following people:
Wenona Barnier @MountNoireldn
Co-founder of Montenegro

Lamont Joseph White, @DesignMonty
Activists and artists

Emile Zenobia
Snowboarder, method (movie)

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